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Happy New Year, and what a fantastic year this is going to be for MPN Voice!!

You are already having some wonderful ideas for fundraising for MPN Voice and with your help we are going to smash our 2015 target of £125,000.

Please remember to email us at and then we can send you out some fundraising goodies as well as making the MPN Voice Community aware of your Event or Challenge.

Alcohol Free January!!

It can sometimes be a little difficult getting back into the swing of things in January after the wonderfully hectic time of Christmas and New Year, with too much eating and drinking!

Well Jill and Ian, and Paul and Lara, have thrown themselves into 2015 by deciding to give up alcohol for January and kick-off our MPN Voice Fundraising Year. You have probably seen Paul’s blogs on our HealthUnlocked forum, his last blog was for Day 16 and all is going well, some of their ‘mocktails’ look really interesting!!

If you would like to sponsor Jill and Ian, please go to their Just Giving Page at

If you would like to sponsor Paul and Lara, please go to their Just Giving Page at

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon and BUPA 10k

We still have a few guaranteed places left for the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon in March and one guaranteed place for the London BUPA 10k in May. So if you, a family member or friend, think that 2015 is the year to get fit and want to be part of the MPN Voice Running Team, please contact me for more details, as soon as possible, at

Thank You for all your wonderful support.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Marilyn Webster

Fundraising Co-Ordinator

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