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Not long now till we meet up at Cambridge ,scotsdales garden centre .22 nd. October ,11 till 4 ,,for our get together chat day ,,all welcome

It's easy to find maz will forward directions to you ..all refreshments are free ,,no charge at all just come along's a cancer calm rest and relax building ,,lovely surroundings ,

To sit and chat ,unwind and make friends ,,,,twinkly x

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Hi Twinkly

I would love to come but will be working. I hope you all have a great day though! X


Hi Twinkly, I live in London but hope to join you on 22nd. I find the online Forum so uplifting it would be great to meet you. Elsie R xx


Love to meet you ..I'm no expert ..but we enjoy our chats and learn so much from each other ,,,


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