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Another clot??

So I was woken up at about 1am with the horrible pain in my leg at the back of my right knee. I couldn't move my leg and the pain felt like it was a pumping sensation. It reduced me to tears and I am not a crier!! The pain was in one place. I couldn't straighten nor bend my leg. I couldn't stand on it for fear of falling over. It as horrible and scary!! Anyone else experience the same? I already have one clot in my portal vein I just don't want this to be a second appearing....I see my heam Monday just wanted a bit of advice. It wasn't like the growing pains I'm getting. On hydroxy and warfarin....chelle

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Chelle, I show big dogs ( Bernese mountain dogs) I have to run them around the show ring ,most weekends ,on the Monday I have just those awful symptoms you describe wake up in such pain ,can't walk .i have to rest and take pain killers ,sometimes for 48 hours ,it's the jogging and running that causes that ,the impact on the knee joint. It swells up and has a lump behind it , I gently rub in a ointment called. flexiseq.. It's expensive and sold in chemists , boots do not stock it. I'm really a bit older for showing now but my dogs don't think so ,,and I love the shows ,, try this , Violet. Xx

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Hi Chelle, you must go to your doctor and get this checked out, especially as you are at risk of clots. Maz


Hi Chelle, I too have had quite a few sharp pains which stop me in my track but quickly go. Either the back of my calf or knee. I haven't mentioned it to a doctor because it always goes quite quickly. Probably best to see your doctor if you have already had a clot. Good luck!

Diana x


Sounds like cramp I get it a lot in ay calfs & feet or toes, I hobble to the bathroom and I try to stand on the cold tiled bathroom floor. It usually works.

Not sure if it's the same, but really bad pain.


Hi Chelle, go to A&E immediately. Better safe than sorry, I used to get phlebitis and had similar pain but the was in my calf. I couldn't straighten my leg or put much weight on it. Nicky


Hi Chelle

Hope you are reading this returning from the doctor, assured and on the mend.

Don't suffer pain in silence, something is wrong. Get help and talk with a buddy,



Guys thank you for your advice. I have emailed my clinical nurse and will wait to speak to her. I have had a massive varicose vein come up in exactly the same place....so I don't know if it was that coming through/up....I will let you know xx


Hi lovely people. I saw my heam today. They have run some tests to see if I have further clots, although think I could have very sore swollen varicose veins.... I'll have to start with the fake tan seeing as I can't go in the sun...they need covering up!! Hope your all ok. Chelle xx


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