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Here I go again ! Has anyone read .The China Study. It's by T Colin Campbell.PHD.

It's amazing .he is convinced diet can cure heart & cancer

I was sent this book by a friend who has beat cancer ,with treatment and diet ,,He has a. son and another on the way ! The doctors are amazed by his dedication ,I myself am a firm believer in healthy diet combined with my trial drug .this is the reason for my excellent progress, cut out dairy and processed packet food and drinks ,starve the cancer cells .my results are unmistakable ,,this book is full of good sense, it's easy to understand .based on personal experience . We are what we eat ,think about it ..

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Hi Twinkly,

Please can you email me with the details vmiles@eclipse.co.uk. I too am sure I'm having having good results due to diet, exercise and supplements. I'm on a life long diet based on increased green veg, red berry fruits, some meat (not red) and fish, generally off all industrialised food and as much organic as I can afford (veg box is basis of my diet). Small amount of good carbs (rice and potatoes) low grain as this is inflammatory. Lots of water and green tea. 85% chocolate! (excellent properties). Small amount of red wine!!! Diagnosed PV last August. Lucky enough at the moment to be just on aspirin and have had 2 venesections. Count started going down. I wish the medical profession would take this more seriously and hope I can help people on this site. Cycling a little every day. I'm no sport fanatic. I do Tai chi which keeps me calm. Keep you posted as I know it's early days.


Sorry, I know that title is big and strong so need to email me!!!!


Boss.I this book is interesting because the author was born and raised on a farm ,his loving dad died young ,they ate lots of dairy and good red meat,untill. Colin started to learn and question diet ,, over weight and diabetes. 15 millions Americans suffer ,1970 they launched the war on cancer,without success.we as they teach our children to eat the wrong diet,,it's easy to change ,especially when we have little choice,to get well.my own results in clinic are convincing me I'm on the right track..The China Study ,by.T,Colin.Capmpbell,Phd .. It is on line ,,


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