Hydroxy and live vaccines

My grandson aged 3 has just had his MMR, polio, whooping cough and diphtheria vaccines. The nurse told my daughter that he should stay away from anyone on Chemo for 2 weeks. They are all due to come to me for lunch on Sunday. I called the specialist nurse at my hospital and she said that she had never heard of this and as long as he is well, no runny nose, sneezes etc it should be fine. Has anyone else come across this before? I wonder if the nurse is following some written guidelines or just being ultra cautious.


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  • Hi Piggide50, I am trying to find out for you, Maz.

  • Its not the sort of Chemo that will expose him to anything harmfull . Life has to go on

    and we have to enjoy our families.

    all the best Town crier

  • Hi, catkinspolymer its not because of harm to my grandson, its because I should not be in touch with anyone who has had a live vaccine. I was told when I started hydroxy that I should not change a nappy of a child who had just had a live vaccine. I asked if I could wear gloves as I have another daughter who is pregnant and was told no, as the spores can be airborne. With 5 grandchildren and number 6 on the way, I can assure you I do enjoy my family.

  • Because I am now 70 I was offered the shingles vaccine, only offered to people who are either 70 or 79 at present, but when I went and had to answer the usual questions I was told that they would not do it because of my problem with bone marrow disease. I have ET. When I asked my specialist he said that this is because it is a live vaccine, unlike the flu vaccine which I have every year, and this was not recommended for people with bone marrow problems. This is to do with the vaccine, not the chemo. I understood that HU is not a strong chemo and is not likely to affect others unless handled wrongly or taken by accident.

  • Thanks little friend susan. I to have the flu jab as this is not live.

  • Hi again, sorry for the delay in getting an answer for you, I have consulted with Prof Harrison and she said she would not be worried about polio as long as you stay away from his urine. I hope this helps, regards, Maz.

  • Thanks Maz, I appreciate you enquiring. Would you know how long it takes for the vaccine to pass through his system?

    Thanks x

  • I have asked for you but I'm afraid we don't know, all we can advise is that you ask your GP or a paediatrician, or possibly the health visitor may know. Maz x

  • Thanks Maz. x

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