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After diagnoses of PV/ET, how long did it take for blood counts to stabilize?

Diagnosed around 11 months ago, currently on daily Aspirin and Interferon Alpha 4 times a week. My consultant has confirmed my counts are slow to stabilize but they were going in the correct direction. Had a blood test this week and some of the counts are creeping up again, I just managed to avoid a venasection (Yay!) but they have now started talking about increasing my dosage again if result don’t improve next time. After diagnoses of PV/ET, how long did it take for blood counts to stabilize?

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Yay! Good you avoided the needles! My veins have all been blown out after colon resection TEN years ago dispute all the water I drink! Diagnosed recently with ET, I'm not on any meds just being watched. Trying to take in more omega 3s since I hear that will lower the platelets naturally. Will keep you updated...if I can figure out how this site works! Lol


when I was diagnosed in 1996 it took a good 6 months to get the HU hydroxy carbamide dose correct and the blood counts into the normal range

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I think reactions are so individual that it is almost like asking how long is a piece of string. I have found over many years that results can fluctuate up or down regardless of present dose. I have no experience with interferon but that has been my experience with HU. I think it was about six months originally before my haematologist walked down the corridor punching the air going "Yes yes yes!". She obviously thought I had taken a long time to come down to reasonable level. I think the answer is to keep your own record of your results and only get concerned if you see a trend in any direction. Don't sweat over every individual result as there is often no need. Hope that helps


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