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MPD Voice Summer Concert

Thursday 4th July 2013, 6.45 pm – 10.15 pm, the first MPD Voice Summer Concert will take place at the Savile Club, London W1.

A host of fantastically gifted young musicians will play in support of MPD Voice, giving their time and talent for free! The evening will start with drinks, canapés and a short address by Professor Claire Harrison, Chair of MPD Voice. Guests will then ascend the grand staircase for the concert which will take place in the magnificent ‘rococo’ Ballroom. There will also be a short talk given by Will Self, the author, journalist and television personality, and an auction and raffle will take place.

To purchase tickets, at £85 per person, please contact Rachel at

All money raised from the Summer Concert will go directly to our incredibly important epidemiology study. Please support this study by either buying tickets to the concert – a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of the UK’s best and most exciting young musicians – or, if you think you may have something wonderful to donate to either our auction or raffle we would love to hear from you, maybe tickets to an event, vouchers to a restaurant, a designer piece of jewellery or accessory, a personalised tour to a place of interest, if you have membership to a club that means you can donate a day of sport … please let us know, it can all be used to support MPD Voice!

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