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Cluster Headache

Hi there

I am Mustajab Ahmed Khan

I got this Da---n disease called Cluster Headache while I was studying for my Ph.D. studies in USA and had a car accident.

man only who suffer from this pain know what pain is and other can not really understand the magnitude of restlessness-pain. I really feel like wanting to kill myself

I am suffering from this evil since 1995 till date and it didn't come for two years during this period of 17-18 years.

Once dr. gave me pentazocine injection that worked quickely and pain disappeared within minutes. My life changed and \i used to wait for it to come as I knew the answer to the problem. This pentazocine injection worked for 3 years and after that it also quit working as my body got used to of the medicine and quit responding. I am still having the same problem and also got addicted to pentazocine and am having 6-10 ampules of this injection every day and can not quit taking injections.

Man life is a mess and don;t know what to do,

Dr. in USA told me that I have to live with it fro the rest of my life. Cummooooooooon dear, It is easy to say that live with it but really really living with it is like killing yourself with no hope of being dead.

Well what to say other than All we who are the victim of this disease are very very brave people (forcefully with no choice to escape)

Please do not take pentazocine as it quits working after some years and you will get addicted to the injections .

If anyone finds anything else please let me know.

Best of luck Y'all and lots of love for the victims and pray fro teh solution in near future

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Hello there Mustajab

Firstly I know exactly how you feel, I myself have suffered with migraines since I was a teenager. Over the last couple of years I have experienced daily headaches, and recently they have changed in severety into what my GP says is cluster headaches. You are not alone, and please know that when you are in so much pain that it brings you to the point that you want to end it all, I myself have had these feelings of utter dispair.

I have tried lots of different medications over the years, one of the more recent being Amitriptyline which worked for a couple of years that is now becoming less effective. I have in the last couple of months after a migraine that took me into Hospital, started to take Propranolol which I'm relieved to say has stopped the migraines (at the moment). Unfortunately I am getting alot of side effects with this drug.

I have found comfort from reading the stories of other fellow sufferers. I sincerely hope that you do to.


Thanks dear Wendy

Good to have your sympathetic kinda comments

Well dear this Amitriptyline and Propranolol that you are talking must be good I am sure and as the time of my episodic CH is closing by , as it comes during the months of May to July and even August, I will keep it in my mind and see if they works for me. Who knows if these medicine might work for me and this year my CH cycle may pass with ease. Thanks and love you for that.

God Bless you

Take care


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