I'm now CCH free !!!!

I have suffered from CCH for the past 25 years and have been prescribed every drug possible although none actually helped. Nor did acupuncture, oxygen, hypnotism or manipulation. I saw some of the best doctors in this field who did their best but have to thank God for the late Dr. Philip Tydswell of Blackburn NHS, my hero. It took him about 6 appointments before he prescribed IMIGRAN SUBJECT INJECTIONS, the only relief medicine I know! It can take effect within minutes or it did with me.

Besides this he prescribed LITHIUM Carbonate and this worked in a way that controlled the onset of the headache and after a couple of years on lithium I now feel CCH free and drug free and have been for the last year. I still get the occasional sharp pain but only for a second or two. Just sorry I can't thank that lovely man.

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  • So glad you have found your cure. What is CCH. Is it cluster headaches?

  • chronic cluster headache. My longest headache, daily, on and off, lasted 53 weeks.

  • Omg! 🤕

  • Ow, my son had one that lasted 15 months and 4 days, Severe migraine with phonophobia, dizziness, and mini blackouts, turned out he had our family disease which is Hughes Syndrome/APS, often runs in families with autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, miscarriages or early strokes and heart attacks. Glad you found pain relief, we did too, most of the time with Aspirin and or anticoagulants as our blood is too thick - sticky blood. MaryF

  • sounds bad

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