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My first blog

Hi all, this is my very first blog and its so important I get it right, as this really affects me. I've been a migraine sufferer for over a year now. The first time I had it the drs thought I had a stroke and ended up in hospital. Might I add I'm not even 30 yet, anyway long story short, these horrible attacks cripple me at the time and then the recovery time needed is about a day or so, I bleed from my noes and feel sick for hours not to mention this 'big' needle that has been inserted into my brain. I feel so alone with these symptoms so glad iv found a whole migraine community . thanks for reading my first blog. Savy13 x

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Hi Savy

There is no doubt migraine is dreadful. I have had migraines for over thirty years and tried many different treatments if I could recommend anything I would say that all doctors are not the same. If they just give you painkillers find another one until you get a doctor/neurologist that really empathises with migraine sufferers. I now take Zomig but spent 20 years just being given strong painkillers that were useless. I have inderal every day but that tends to wear off after a bit. I suggest you keep a diary and minimise your triggers, find a good doctor and get the right medication. It is often necessary to change medication as in time it often stops working. I am now part of research project to treat and prevent migraine so if that works will let you all know. It will be in about six months time.




Hi. Your migraines sound horrible, do you take triptans when you have an attack? They take the pain away but over teh years you get addicted to them. Still I can't imagine living without them.



your migraines sound like mine apart from the bleeding i have Hemipligic migraine . I got better over this year because I looked at my life and changed aspects of it . I left my job as this was stressful ,I change my diet and best of of all for me I change My out look . I am off all medicine which did not help me and only have attack every 7-8 weeks apart instead of every two weeks lasting 2-3 days . I hope you get the right support from your G.P this is important and good luck .


Hi Savy, What a horrible thing to have happen to you, specially if you dont know anybody else with migraine and this came out of the blue. Sybilke and Letitia are right to say you should try to identify triggers and to find the right medicine both to treat an attack and prevent them happening, If you do get one and the medicine isn't working there are some tips for dealing with the sickness: lie in bed in a darkened room with no smells anywhere near you. Have a radio or an IPOD ready next to the bed so you can turn it on and off without getting out of bed, Drink a little boiled water, doesn''t matter if it is hot or cold. This will stop you dehydrating and give you something to bring up if you are sick. When you feel strong enough try to eat something dry like a cream cracker. A cold flannel held to the head or sucking mints can sometimes help with the needle in th brain feeling. Sleep alone, there's nothing worse than lying awake in the night feeling awful and not daring to disturb the person next to you Remember what an old friend of mine and fellow migraine sufferer told me when I started getting migraines "migraines are a sign that you care: only nice people get migraines". Folk wisdom maybe and not a substitute for treatment but I fouind it comforting. Best of luck. IhHope you find a treatment that works for you.


hi every body my experience with migraine date on ages ago with very good result and with out side effect they build up new therapie called wet cupping therapie it is amaising in generale amigraine is a common neurological condition that can usually be managed successfully by wet cupping therapie and the aims of managing migraine are to reduce the frenqency of attacks


Hi Savy13

Sorry to hear your story but you are not on your own. I had a migraine at 19, and other episodes of not feeling right / bad headaches in my 20s but wasn't diagnosed until 38. I have botox at the moment which helps a lot. I've found it reassurring to read about migraine. I've borrowed books from the library and looked at websites. The more you can find out and try out, the more you get to understand about the condition. If you try something (medication or otherwise) and it doesn't work, don't give up and feel disheartened, as we're all different.

I have kept diaries and noted down what helped - as in what made having an attack more bearable (in my case, eating a little bit, for example, or something warm pressed against my head.). I have written myself a list of what to do, as sometimes in the middle of an attack it's hard to think straight and put these coping strategies into action. I also have emergency painkillers with me all the time and a heatpack at work, also emergency meals in the freezer so I can go to bed and no one else goes hungry.

I think that if you can gradually get on top of any triggers and work out what eases the symptoms you may start to feel a bit better about it.


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