Some people have a rare form of migraine: These simple articles give a good explanation:

Some people with particular types of migraines, such as myself get investigated for Hughes Syndrome, otherwise known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS).

These migraines do not react very well to pain relief until the blood is thinned: Here are two useful articles:

Mary F x

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  • Hi Mary

    Thanks for that, it's very interesting. I have around 5 of those symptoms, I'll ask my GP on my next visit if he will do the tests.


  • Thats fine... and some like myself have seronegative hughes....which does not show up in tests.

    plenty of papers available let me know if you need them... and some overlap with Lupus Mary F x

  • i have just read this thanks very helpful.

  • Thanks x

  • yes very interesting read indeed, thank you for the links x

  • Thanks x

  • hi reading this i know it sound mad but it sound like my migraines, dr said i had hemipligic migraine but i now wonder . thanks again

  • That's ok...only a few will have this.. but always worth a look into! Mary F x

  • That's scary!!!

  • Well I have it... and not too scared currently xx

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