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How to take aspirin without indigestion?

I have Chronic migraine, which means I have to ration triptans to 2-4 a month to avoid rebound headaches. For a long while the defining characteristic of my migraines was they only responded to triptans, but since going on a tca and ssri I find that if I catch them quickly I get a few hours grace with full dose Asproclear and dimperidone. Unfortunately aspirin sets off my indigestion if I use it more than occasionally - and it's bad enough to stop me sleeping so I'm better off with the headache.

Sadly paracetamol doesn't work. Any suggestions? I wonder if the gastro resistant ones will work quickly enough.

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are you using the soluble asiprin you can get in sachets?? you also have to make sure youve eaten something beforehand.


I always take a Domperidone with my aspirin, and only use soluable aspirin too.


Asproclear dissolves in water to a clear liquid and so absorbs very quickly. Sadly it only suppresses the migraine for a few hours, but since mine tend to come on after lunch it can get me through work. I eat with it - I've even tried taking gaviscon with it, but I'm not sure if that affects the absorption.

Will try to tough it out today as I'm a bit indigestiony - if it gets any worse I tend to wake up all night with hot sweats. Took me ages to work out that one. I do have omeprazole but I'm trying to keep my medication load to a minimum.


Always take your aspirin on a full stomach. I have a blood clotting condition and I take mine at night on full stomach, and the disolving ones. Should be on aspirin for other reasons as well there is a more expensive type of aspirin which can be prescribed by the GP, which does not cause this upset: Mary F


My Dad had an ulcer and was told not to swallow aspirin but he found paracetamol didn't work for him - so he decided to 'man up' and he disolves them on his gums! He says they taste nice (????) and they don't get anywhere near his stomach and get into his bloodstream twice as fast.

Personally I think they taste so vile they make me gag but it may be worth a try for you....

Or take MaryF's advice and ask your doctor for some 'enteric coated' aspirin which shouldn't upset your stomach - but ask for enough to justify the cost of the prescription charge!


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