Does anyone else crave potato based foods when they have a migraine?Or crave savoury and really dislike even the smell of something sweet?

I suffered with migraine all my life I am nearly 24 now but the only thing I every want to eat is potato based food and when I eat it I get relief even if only its whilst im eating. I cant stand the smell of anything sweet whilst i have a migraine and also one of the signs one is coming on and chocolate just looking at it makes me feel really sick.

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  • I just crave food in general before I have a migraine. I often feel ill but still feel like eating as if it will make me feel better. Unfortunately it doesn't :) I have also noticed that before a migraine I either feel incredibly happy or very agravated. I have also recently started getting the feeling of having a migraine but without the pain. It really is odd, can't even describe it but very debilitating.

  • I dont crave food befor migraine ,I crave food after, like you crisps cheese ect.Befor migraine I get very adutated cant sit down dashing here and there , dont know if Im trying to put off the migraine or what but I never win .

  • i crave chocolate 24 hours before an attack, im like a person possessed as well, we always have "emergency " chocolate in the house now.. as sending my partner out at midnight to find me some wasnt good !

  • Yep I always want sweet things - before and most definitely after - a migraine

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