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Difficulty getting Zolmitriptan


Hi, the last couple of times I have gone to get my prescription I have been told there is a supply difficulty. Has anyone else experienced this or is it a Boots chemist issue?

I have trieda variety of other migraine tablets etc and this is the only one that works brilliantly and I am getting a migraine just thinking about it not being available!

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Yeah there's an issue from the supplier 😣 it's the same with sumatriptan. 😣

I have no problem getting sumatriptan but it doesn't work any where near as good as zolmitriptan unfortunately 🤔 I wonder what the problem is?

Cally01 in reply to eiger13026

I've had to change to maxalt rizatriptan because they can't get imagrin sumatritan, keep giving me generic that don't work. Maxalt melts work for me though 👍. I'm going to call the details of suppliers on the box. Would like to know what the problem is 😕

Having same trouble getting mine too! Its not just boots ive tried 6 different pharmacies in my area .

eiger13026 in reply to Tich37

I hope they sort it soon, it's giving me a migraine worrying about it 😊

Tich37 in reply to eiger13026

I know the feeling! :-)

I haven't been able to get sumatriptan for 6 weeks so they have given me zolmitriptan doesn't seem to have the same effect though the pharmacy said they could be rebranding it or a shortage of an ingredient. Hope its not like syndol where they banned the ingredient that worked 😳😡

Funny (not exactly ha ha ) isn't it how each one is different to different people. It's the opposite for me!

Maybe we should swap!

I thought it was just my dispensary that was having problems getting Zolmatriptan. I've been given orodispersable ones now which I've never had before but I don't suppose there's much difference, just how you take them. Also had trouble getting 2.5mg for a while and was given 5mg which I was told to cut in half!! That was never going to happen so I ended up taking twice as much. Have finally gone back to 2.5.

Are they exactly the same as the tablet? If so I might ask my chemist if they can get them instead. I can only take 1.25mg at a time. If I take 2.5mg it makes it worse. Thanks and good luck!

I haven't tried one yet as I've only had them since Thursday but it says you dissolve them on your tongue. Not very keen as I prefer tablets which I can just swallow with a glass of water. Hope they don't taste too foul!

I hope not either! Imagine a nice taste 😊

I haven't had a problem (I'm on sumatriptan) but I stocked up recently after a particularly bad run of migraines and haven't had a bad one since so I haven't needed any for a while. But I am a nurse and supply issues happen from time to time, its usually resolved reasonably quickly. Also you can just take the orodispersible ones like you would take a normal tablet, it honestly doesn't make much difference but they will work faster if you let them disolve

I'd love to stock up so I don't have to worry about not having them but the doctor won't let me 😔

i get my sumatriptan on repeat prescription and can usually stockpile a box of 6, but last time my 50mg was not available so they gave me 6 100mg with instructions to cut in half !!

Clax in reply to Ceedee

I have had supply problems for sumatriptan so bought a load of 100mg off internet and will cut in half - works out very cheap that way - about £1 each


What has happened with this issue? I need the 5mg Zolmitriptan melts. I was having a little difficulty this summer & now cannot get them anywhere. I read that Astra Zeneca sold licensing rights to Grunenthal. However, that co. has a prepared statement that they do not have them. I called Impax who has previously had them in the US. They say it has been discontinued. This is the only one that works for me. I don’t think I will get by without it. Genetics from India are useless. I am getting Maxalt but it does not work as well & I have to take more of it. Can Anyone find Zomig?

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