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Does anyone get tinitus as well as aura and headache?


I've had migraines for many years, but about 10 years ago also started getting periodic cluster headaches and tinitus with either of the types of headache.

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I used to get Tinitus with my migraines and it woud last the duration of the Migraine, but about a year ago the tinitus came with a migraine and never left so now i have it on a permanent basis.

My migraines are weekly for 3 days at a time..


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Yes, I also get a lot of tinnitus with my migraines, I've noticed it in the aura phase most of all.

I also have different types of migraine. I'm a chronic sufferer of basilar, vestibular and migraine with aura as well as those without. I think tinnitus might be more a feature of some types of migraine than others. Although it is frequent for me,it is episodic in nature and comes and goes and I think that is the way for the majority.

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Yes, I get tinnitus. It is episodic in nature, and comes and goes and I may or maynot have a migraine or headache at the time.

Yes, I get tinnitus and when migraine goes it's still there.......sometimes it's not as noticeable but it's always there. Very annoying.

I get tinnitus and sometimes a drop in hearing level in one ear with some of my migraine auras. I have also had auditory hallucinations before, nothing like picking up the phone that was never actually ringing!

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