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Advice needed


Hi I have had a migraine now for at least 4 weeks thinking of trying magnesium last resort what is a safe amount to take and where can I get it from........ is it normal for a hot water bottle on the side of your head to get relief even my teeth hurt bah

Thank you everyone for you advice thank god my headache is just about gone. I started taking magnesium 375mg with B6

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Hi, you need to take magnesium oxide, try 400mg a day to start increasing to 500mg. It's not a quick fix if it's going to work, taking at least six weeks upwards to take effect. Sadly it doesn't work for me. Have you tried Riboflavin? Good luck!

I take 400mg chelated magnesium and 400mg B2. Does help

I take 400mg magnesium, 500 mg B2 every day: occasionally I have to downgrade the magnesium because it does cause some diarrhea. B12 has also helped, Soak in a warm tub with a bunch of Epsom salts, it can help

Donkster in reply to Winnie77

Hi Winnie77

My doctor just approved me to take the rda magnesium l see Tesco sells magnesium 375mg

Winnie77 in reply to Donkster

I got mine at a local health food store They sell all strengths They are the ones who first told me “all our migraine clients take magnesium and B2”. I have taken 250 twice a day. Either way, it made a difference. I have also ordered a magnesium lotion. It seems to work topically quite well

Orts99 in reply to Donkster

Would that help for cluster headaches do You know

Maryking in reply to Winnie77

Interested in this fact sheet- the link doesn’t work- do you mean nhs and not nih?

Maryking in reply to Maryking

Sorry just found it!

I have bad bad cluster headaches I find ice on side of head works for little one but when it’s bad there’s nothing at all that can get rid of it just have to sit it out

Winnie77 in reply to Orts99

It’s too easy not to try. For acute pain, I found some magnesium crystals in the tub helped. They seem to dissolve better, faster than epsom(also magnesium). I have purchased on amazon, health good store and saw at our local Sprouts store just today. The supplement works better over time.

Orts99 in reply to Winnie77

I’ll try that sick to death of it now effects my work and my family life thanks Winnie 77

Donkser- I am so sorry and know your pain. I really suggest magnesium asap.

Even though many pain say it takes a while, I agree it does for the full effect, but I remember when I started it the pain decreases and then I got less in the week.

This is the only supplement that helps me, in fact when I don't take it I feel it.

Good luck

Hi, you can try the Stanton Migraine protocol 😊.

Magnesium works for some, usually if you're deficient. If it does help, be sure to keep it up as a preventative. B2 and CoQ10 help for me, magnesium doesn't. B12 does for me, but I have pernicious anemia on top of the chronic/hemiplegic migraines. The hot pad worked for me for a long time, now it's ice packs at the base of my skull. I think it's just finding what works? Sadly, it seems to change, but so do the migraines and their triggers.

I started taking magnesium and B2 (400 mg) and I have felt much better. Migraines and headaches seem to have diminished. Try them particularly the B2 which I found so helpful.

A great, free resource to watch interviews on various topics from the world leading migraine and headache experts can be found here:

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