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Clusters of Ocular Migraines


I have had ocular migraines since age 12. I am 55 now. For the first 20 years I had severe headaches with vomiting and the visual auras. Since mid 30’s they are primarily all visual. Blind spot, zigzags lasting about 40 minutes, mild headache and then feeling like you have had the flu. They have ranged from 1 every few years to several a day. They definitely come in clusters. Have had several bad clusters lasting months throughout the years. Lately have only had several a year until this month again. It had been 6 months. I had 1 beginning of July and then 3 back to back during the next night. They woke me up from sleep. Then 2 very short ones (only lasting minutes) mid month and now another one today. Does anyone else ever get that many? I still hate them after all of these years and they still make me nervous. I take a baby aspirin a day, propranolol and magnesium. Have taken These meds for years. Have had CTs and MRI some years ago. Last CT was 2012 and seen neuro. Have regular eye checks and physicals. Doctors never seem concerned. Thanks for your input.

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I have the same type of migraine as you, migraine with aura. Mine are very similar too in that I can go a year with out one but sometimes I can get lots in a month. I do sometimes get 1 aura that goes after 30 mins then returns 5 mins later for another 30 mins. My headache is bearable with 900Mgs of aspirin and full fat coke. I’m on nortriptyline every night as a preventative but it’s not really working at the mo as I had a baby 6 weeks ago so they are more frequent at the moment, I’ve had 3 in 6 weeks. The auras scare me so much. I don’t care about the headache but I’m so scared my vision won’t return to normal. I’ve had auras for 20 years now and they still scare me.

Have you cut out caffeine, msg, chocolate, cheese etc?x

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Thanks for your reply. I have not tried cutting out anything this cluster. It seems like it has never helped in the past. Do you find that anything triggers yours? I know when I was younger hormones definitely triggered mine. Had many when pregnant and again when stopped nursing. Also, an increase when starting menopause. Maybe hormones are shifting again.

Hi Sue I have every sympathy for you. I too go a couple of months free then bacck tey come sometimes daily for a while. but generally most weeks I have at least if i'm lucky 1.

I find stress causes some, night driving with all the lights, strong sunlight, and white rooms.

I too have been to doctors neurologists< none of which know what causes it. I pop Zolmitriptan 2.5 mg with onset, which works within about 10 mins. I am left with like a hangover and somewhat disorientated with some. Dark glasses might help in very bright situations and try not to get too stressed, keep hydrated and never get starving hungry. Sorry I can be of more help. But until the medical profession can come up with reasons and cures we are all left to get on will it (if only they realise how debilitating it all is) Lynnx

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I agree with every word you said. I can go a year without and then I have periods when I get them every day and sometimes several times a day. I have found that it is caused by a combination of stress and bright lights, especially sunlight - yes and white rooms too. I had all the tests and of course nothing comes up because they are worthless if not done during the attack. So I get on with it and just hope that it will not catch me when I am alone at work as I get all muddled up and disorientated and have to leave customers in the middle of serving them

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