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This week


Hey all.

It's been a few days since I last posted - truth be told I've not been having a great time of late. Migraines every day for the past three days which I can attribute to stress at home and work is manic so not helping.

Hopefully come the weekend I will feel a bit better.

Just felt lonely and out of it this week so far :(

Hope everyone is ok


Rich x

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Hiya. I had a bad patch recently with 4 migraines in 8 days, but it seems to have lifted and I’ve had a near normal day today. We all have times we feel a bit low and that’s understandable, but chin up, you know you will have good days too :-)

I’m doing a lot better since finding my allergies and leaving them out of my diet. Finding it hard but much better than headaches. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

I’m on a good patch since finding my allergies and leaving them all out of my diet. It’s hard but much better than constant headaches. Hope you’re better soon

Keep her going Rich let it come on and do it's best if you don't fight something it gives up and goes away.

sorry to hear you are feeling down, being in pain is depressing as we all just want to get better and get back to the good things. At the first twinge of a headache i take a pain killer but it doesn't always stop it progressing into a migraine and it can be hard to get it under control. Often it can still be rageing the next day, only slowly subsiding over the next few days and then it will leave me very drained. So i will be taking pain killers for around a week but eventually it goes away. so there is light at the end of the tunnel. good wishes

Thanks everyone for your supportive words. Means a lot to have people around who not only sympathise but understand what we go through so thank you all.

Rich x


Thankfully the loneliness and sadness does fade away. I’ve had 3 migraines in the last 4 days and contribute it to the muscle spasms in my neck from arthritis. Meds and pain can drag you down. But I tell myself it is temporary and I will feel better. Hope you are feeling better today and tomorrow and the day after that . . .

Hi , check out my post and the way I managed to stop my migraines dead in their tracks.

Hi , check out my post and the way I managed to stop my migraines dead in their tracks.

I totally sympathise I have constant headache which manifests itself in severe migranes a couple of times a week drives me insane . I dread to think the state of my liver/ heart with all the triptans I consume. I still work ( just about) as a secondary school teacher but by the end of the week another migrane builds up. Not sure what the answer is I fear this is it now for tge rest of my life. Migrane sufferer since I was 24 now 46 and becoming chronic😩x

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