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Persistent daily headache

I’ve been suffering for about more than 6 months now with the doctor looking into it seriously for the last 2/3. I’ve been trying Topirimate and slowly upping the dose hoping at some point something magical was going to happen with no such luck. I’m about to speak with my GP and tell her I want something else done but I’m at a loss as to what. I’m assuming I’m now going to have to wean off topirimate so I’m gonna be stuck on this for another while with no relief.

I feel like my head ache is massively affected by light, especially things like strip lighting at work which I can’t do much about, car lights at night, sun light. Etc. The thing is it’s not a sharp shooting migraine pain I get, it’s a constant headache, it never really goes away the pain and pressure just gets worse in and around my eyes. Is there anything the optician can do? Is it worth trying them again? I’ve obviously had my eyes tested and been told that my prescription is fine.

I’ve no idea what I’m doing or what I’m talking about so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi i have persistent daily headaches which escalate to daily migraine . I have aura migraines with the sun, headlights, strip ights etc and these can wipe me out for 72hrs straight. 40yrs now, i honestly wish i had found green migralenses in my 20's they have been a godsend. I still get vestibular migraines and tmj migraines but I've had very few aura migraines since finding these glasses. I have them on every waking hour and it's great to come out of the dark!

I got mine from Amazon for £40 could have saved myself a fortune if i had known about them.

Good luck 👍


Hi. Check out Hemicrania Continua. Sounds like your symptoms are similar to mine. Ask to be referred to a headache specialist, it was him that diagnosed mine. I’m on the Gammacore device and finding it really helpful. I know one of my main triggers is fumes from bleach/ cleaning chemicals. Good luck


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