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I've just started taking Topamax for chronic daily headache, i'm almost a week in on 1 25mg tablet per day and so far i'm floored, tired and groggy all of the time. I was woozy and dizzy for the first couple of days but that has worn off thankfully. I have been taking my tablet in the morning and wondered when other people take them?

In two days i need to start taking 2 x 25mg per day and i'm concerned that my already sleepy state is going to be intensified so i'm not sure if i would be better to take them in the evening maybe between dinner and bed? Do people take the full dose together or split it throughout the day?

So far i'm getting no result but i'm aware i need to bare with it and give it a chance to work, i just want to give myself the best standard of living i can while i'm doing that.

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My neurologist advised me to take my full dose at bedtime. I was extremely drowsy from it. I hope it works for you! I was never able to tolerate a dose that effectively managed my migraines because the side effects were too extreme for me.


I used topamax the side effects were terrible, once I got to 50 mg my eyes started drying out and I started having vision problems. I detoxed off all meds this summer. I use CBD oil, fish oils , natural anti inflamatories turmeric in high doses and drink alkaline water. Prayed and asked for Gods wisdom. Now I it's rare that I get a headache. I also eat a very clean whole foods diet. I got my life back after decades of suffering.


Sandy, I could never handle the side effects of Topomax either. How many mg of Turmeric do you take?


Robby, I take 1 Gaia brand turmeric supreme and 600 mg of magnesium glycinate as a preventative. When I get a bad headache I take Solgar 7 they say to take 1 but I have taken up to 7 when it's bad. I also drink almost a gallon of alkaline water and take the CBD oil. The triptans made me sicker causing rebound and all preventatives had bad side effects. I hope this helps you God bless.


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