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Hello, I have constant headaches for like a whole year at 13 years old. I have tried to get gp appointment but my family are very busy and I have to deal with it. Sometimes this even causes vomiting,can't walk and make me go sleep for the whole night from 7 o'clock onwards.

For about 2 years I have had a unbearable dizzy feeling and sometimes it causes me yo freak out and be confused.

I go school and these headaches tend to happen on certain days like Monday, Wednesdays and they go away when I wake up the next day. I take paracetamol everytime this happens and it does not help at all. I have moved from my local gp and can't change this is the reason I can't get an appointment and can't change gp. So can someone help pls. Thanks

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  • Hi Jjj666 welcome, so sorry your suffering 😢. What happens Monday /Wednesday to cause this? Do you only have it on these days?

    You really need to see your GP. Do you have a school nurse or guidance teacher you can speak with?

  • Only on occasions it happens on Wednesdays. But mostly on Monday and I don't know what causes it. But my school starts at 8:30 to 14:50 and it usally starts around 12:30 and by the time it gets to 17:30 I feel nauseous and my head is fully in pain. I eat and wait about 20 mins and get in bed to lay down and get to sleep ready for the next day when it is gone. or I will actually vomit as I tried to not lay down once and I vomited. This is the only information o can think of

  • Do you have breakfast before leaving for school? Do you feel it ease after eating?

    Make sure you drink plenty of water and snack on small things until lunch.

    You should still get checked out by a GP.

  • I will try get a gp appoit ment. I always eat a bowl of cereal before going school but I don't often drink water so I will start to take a bottleft of water. When I eat food when i have these headaches I always feel worse,I have to lay down and go sleep so I don't vomit other wise I wil vomit.

  • You have a lot of information here from the group 👍

    Don't worry about anything,stay hydrated and try ice on your temple and neck (just at the back where your head joins your neck )

    Look into getting assistance from the school and tell your parents everything.

    Yes, have an aye test and rule strain out and try not to stress .

    Let us know how you get on 😘

  • Poor you, it sounds horrible. Are you in the UK? If so, go to your school office and ask for an appointment with the school nurse - it's really important you see someone who can help with this. She will see you at school so you don't need to get yourself anywhere else and you don't need your parent there, if you would prefer not. Have you been to the opticians recently? Maybe your eyes are straining. Take a bottle of water to school and make sure you drink lots. Paracetamol does not always work for headaches, and can actually cause a headache to come back if you take it too often, and it can harm your liver, so please be careful- this is why you must talk to a health professional like a school nurse, if you can't get to a GP. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • You can get headaches from taking too many painkillers too. It might be a good idea to just go home and go to bed when this happens for a few weeks instead of popping the pills, to make sure you are not suffering with medication overuse headache.

    Is there anything else going on at school that could be a trigger - do you have a really horrible French teacher or anything? I know it sounds daft, but headache, particularly tension headache, cann be triggered by the release of certain hormones in the brain and that can happen completely subconsciously when we are in a situation that we are not too keen on - a protective mechanism that evolved to save us from tigers but now gets a bit misplaced....☺😮

  • Thanks for the advice. Do you mean by taking paracetamol mostly once a week can cause headaches aswell? I take it everytime I have headaches so this might be the reason. Like I said before I will try get an gp appointent. Thanks for the help

  • I doubt once a week would be enough to set it off, but if you take them every day for a few days in a row even paracetamol can do this to you ( a bit like caffeine, which is another hidden danger to look out for - a daily can or two of Coke can leave you getting a headache until you get another 'fix'!)

    Worth a trip to the opticians too - it might be eye strain, especially if you are out and about all weekend, so your eyes are resting, but then when you get back to school on the Monday morning you are straining at the screen so it comes back again...

    Hope you get things sorted soon

  • You poor soul. My son who is almost 14 had an awful headache which lasted 1 week. Thought he was playing too much xbox. He felt sick but did not vomit. He slept a lot and very lethargic. Took him to doctor, as I myself suffer migraine so I recognised symptoms. Doctor gave him a great examination, checked all his visual responses and blood pressure. Asked if he had worries at school or anything else. Advised to take him for eye test, which was due. She prescribed co-codamol, as paracetamol and ibuprofen didn't make a difference. Got his eyes tested and he was reminded that he had to wear his specs for close work and when on ipad etc. Luckily, he has been fine from then on and has not had another episode. You really need to see a doctor. Have you stressed to your parents about your condition? Is there another member of family who can sort out a doctor or go to an out of hours doctor at hospital?

  • You need to tell your mum that she has to make an appointment for you at the doctors. If she can't come with you then you go yourself and explain everything you have said in this post. To be honest I'm sorry to say that no family should be too busy to take their child to the doctors. Are you registered at any surgery?

  • My family is stressed out since last year and it's difficult to get a gp round here I moved from redbridge to ealing and every day my dad drives me to school in redbridge as the school didn't except me and my siblings in Ealing. I will try and do my best and see if I can get an appointment. Also my parents couldn't take me to a gp so they said to go to the medical teacher to explain and she did nothing at all. Thanks for advice anyways with the appointment I should be able to get one hopfully

  • I am not surprised that the "medical teacher" did not do anything - as they are mostly useless. Please don't have high expectation from GP as GPs may not be able to do much either (they may be, no certainty), but it is important to rule out any other reason as it may not be just a case of migraine.

    In the meantime, opticians can be seen in the weekend - can this be arranged soon? This way, the GP would know whether eyes are causing problems or not for sure.

    But you need to see a doctor (not nurse) - if your area does not have GP surgery - then I am afraid you need to just visit hospital with A&E and they will be forced to assess you. I know it sounds bad as we should not waste A&E time, but in your situation, either local authority must arrange GP surgery or people have to go straight to hospital.

    If these all sound impossible - can you please ring 111 today - someone should guide you to next step.

  • You might have to take it on your shoulders and find your nearest surgery (Google will help) then ring up and ask to be registered there. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Wish I lived nearer I would help you xx

  • Write down your symptoms and how bad they are and how often you have them. Keep a diary for a couple of weeks listing what you do, what time you sleep, what you eat and when, to see if you can find any triggers, like certain food, allergies, or missing meals. This should help when you do see a doctor.

    If you have a lie in at the weekend and then get up early for school on Monday, the change in sleep pattern can trigger a migraine. See if you can get up at the same time each day even at the weekends.

    If you drink a lot of cola or other drinks with caffeine in them, cut them down slowly and then see if you can cut them out completely. Caffeine and caffeine withdrawal can trigger migraine.

    Make sure you have an eye test to rule out eye problems.

    Sometimes hormone changes can trigger migraines in teenagers.

    When you are at home, ice can help with the pain. I use those ice packs from cool bags. They're cheap to buy and you keep them in the freezer. I put one under my neck when lying down.

    See your school nurse, if they don't help try your class tutor or head of year to explain you are struggling, and do find a way to see a doctor. It's really important that you do.

  • Hi there. Please do make an appointment to see your doctor. The vomiting could be due to the intensity but you should still be checked out.

    I have had a non-stop (literally) headache for over 10 years :( it's a tough thing to figure out. The good news is that yours seems to have a pattern which might help them figure out what is going on.

    Plz be seen asap. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • You really need a checkup and probably a Cat Scan or MRI to rule out a brain tumor. I'm not trying to scare you, but vomiting and dizziness are not good symptoms. I'm not familiar with the drug you are taking but it sounds like either a pain or stress medication. In my humble opinion, I would suggest alprazalam for stress but I'm not a doctor, but my two sons are. Is there anything at school that stresses you? Maybe a counseling problem.

  • Hello kiddo. You're very young to battling this and you seem a bit on your own with it. Everyone on here has given you instructions about getting to a doctor, scans etc but I sense this will be difficult for you and it's difficult at your age to sort all that out. If you can persuade your parents to help you get to just one appointment then the place to start is the National Migraine Centre. Go onto their website and read about it all there. They have lots of up to date useful information on there.

    You have spoken about your GP. A GP is someone who looks at general health problems. If they are good at their job they have a talent for knowing who needs an expert in these cases they refer patients to experts. But they don't always do this very well. the national migraine Centre will see you without seeing a GP first. They are in london but I think they do telephone appointments as well. They will give you all the answers you need if you can get to speak to them.

  • The National Migraine Centre may be ideal but it is not free. It costs £260 for the first appointment which has to be face to face. Follow up consultation costs £160 whether or not it is face to face (or via telephone).

    So Jjj666's parents may not be willing to spend it (they may) as we do not know their situation.

    I still think a call to 111 may be useful as 111 sometimes can arrange GPs.

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