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Nervous again ... Really fed of these headaches .. Help

I am really fed up from these constant headaches which have ruined my life from about .. 2 and a half months .... they are always there everyday .... When these headaches started at first they were really severe ... but now most of the time they are moderate but constant .... they are light in the morning .... and goes to moderate during the day .... i had a cat scan which came normal ... but now what i want to say is that i have tingling feelings in my legs and arms sometimes from couple of weeks .. and its worrying me more ... that is this a serious illness or something :( ... please help me

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Hi Aamir, Hemaplegic migraines can give you tingling in arms/legs and face. What meds have the doctors given you?

Have neurology diagnosed you?


Well the doc has given me antidepressants... told its anxiety

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Does your pain stay moderate? Are you getting migraines?

Have a look at hemaplegic migraine symptoms on google and see if it's familiar.

Usually Triptans are needed.


It sounds as if your Doc is on the right track? The more you worry about your headaches you will become anxious, then your muscles will get tight and more headaches. What 'antidepressant' are you on? They should have explained to you that medications like Amitryptaline taken in low dosses like 10-20mg daily help with anxiety but you may need to get to a higher dose after a few weeks to help. 20mg a night seems to have really helped me. Keep going with the meds and check with your GP if you are taking the right dose or if you need to increase. If you don't feel your GP has a full understanding of your condition, ask to be referred to a Consultant or see if you can go to a private Headache Clinic, Google their services :0)


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