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Migraine Aura and womb pain

Hi there

I am in peri menopause and this seems to have triggered my migraines. I get Hemiplegic migraines with the aura but not the headpain.

Lately every time I have had aura I get a strange sensation and a little pain in womb or vaginal area. My HMs are triggered by my cycle and so I get them with the rise of estrogen before ovulation and afterwards with the drop of estrogen.

Does anyone else get this? The auras definately coincide with 'strange goings on' down there. I have fibroids but they are not massive. Just wondering what is going on and can anyone identify with this? Thankyou :)

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I can't comment on the head/womb pain link but I am intrigued that you have linked HMs to your cycle. I am beginning to suspect that my monthly hormone related migraines may be triggering my FND, causing me to lose proper power in my legs and walk robotically. I had dismissed the idea that these might be HMs though, thinking that menstrual migraine was a separate categoŕy. Can the two co-exist?


My migraines are definitely associated with the hormone cycle. I use to get monthly headaches with the drop in oestrogen levels with menstruation . Then came menopause and the migraines started .Terrible pain !! now with both the times of menstruation and ovulation.Even more often ! I can feel dragging pains mostly on left side ovary. After 5 years I'm better but still battling them. For the first time in 5 years ( and it could be 22) I've had 43 successive days without migraine. 22 years ago I was pregnant and never had any headaches or migraines for 9months . That suggests it has everything to do with hormones cycle . It's also familial My dad and brothers get them, but obviously theirs are triggered by other things! Good luck

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I definately believe they can. I can predict them now. I went to see a Professor Neuro who said that there is no correlation. I know that this is my only trigger. Interestingly I have read some women doctors say there is a link. ( Dr Anne McGregor). I did not ever suffer migraines before entering Peri in my forties.

I was also diagnosed FND by a NHS Neuro. I sought a second opinion from a Professor and he confirmed HM. I think it was the fact that I don't get the headache that clouded things. Although I forgot to mention that I get abdominal migraine after the aura. Stomach pain and digestive shutdown for up to 72 hours.


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