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This past month, i have investigated what trigger the migraines. So far

Coffee . comes on within two hours

Milk. slowly comes on within 4 to 5 hours

Cheese /eggs. comes on within around one-hour

diet drinks. comes on within 4 hours

certain fruit comes on within 4 hours

Sleeping only 3 hours( i do have sleeping problems but using sleeping pills to over it)

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Diet soda contain aspertane which is causes headaches. I also read coffee has a rebound effect on headaches. Lack of sleep also causes headaches for me as well. The book Migraine Brain speaks about a consistent sleep schedule for headaches which is not always easy to do.


I am thinking of being coming to a Vegan, im practically on a diet now.


I did that it did not cure my headaches. I did get rid of dairy and gluten because they are inflammatory foods but most of my problem was triptan overuse.


Good old triptan overuse - can't live with them, can't live without them! I had 16 last month, 16 the month before and 22 the month before that. It's a constant battle not to take one. The trouble is they're so damn good- they're the only thing that actually works. And believe me I've tried everything!!


i use Eletriptan


Never heard of it. Tell me more!!


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