Bad reaction to topirimate

My doc tried me with topirimate for a month. First week on one a day was ok. Increased to two from second week. After a couple of days,I was hardly sleeping at all (I I don't sleep very well anyway). By the 4th week I felt very depressed & tearful due to badly broken sleep. I suffered a bad migraine due to lack of sleep. So it indirectly caused me to have a migraine. I stopped taking it &slept for 7 hours solid two nights in a row. Seeing doc again next week.

Anyone else have the same experience on it

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  • As far as my experience goes, it's a terrible drug. I was depressed ( couldn't stop crying) and angry - never usually am. The moment I stopped I felt a huge relief. It completely changed me and I didn't recognise myself. So happy to be off it. Good luck xx

  • Topirimate helped control my migraine for about four years but had catastrophic side-effects: it changed my personality, badly affected my memory and made anything involving complex thinking very difficult. It is a ghastly drug but doctors prescribe it because there's nothing so far that helps with chronic migraine. I was finally taken off Topirimate after it had caused my fifth kidney stone. I understand why desperate people and doctors resort to Topirimate but I have met many patients whose experiences have been similar to mine. I'd never advise anyone to take the drug.

  • I stopped sleeping too. 5 months after coming off it I'm still not sleeping brilliantly and about to start CBT for insomnia.

  • Thanks for replies. I couldn't take more than a month, so hats off to those who managed longer - it was awful.

  • Love, love, LOVE Topirimate!!! This drug has saved me. I have longitudinal migraines (living in the U.S.) that are aggravated by NE storms/snow. I don't get them in the southern states. We currently live in the NE. Since being on this drug, my tinitus is gone. My eyesite has greatly improved. I now see in HD. My sinuses have drained. When I 1st started, I had the usual lip & finger-tingling. These were minor but worth it. My vomiting had stopped. I'm now on 50mg twice daily and it works great.

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