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I feel like something serious is going on in my head, since Monday afternoon I've had a headache it feels like a tightness on top of my head, it was only really the right side and it affected my temple, ear, jaw, neck and eye. I have anxiety, ibs, reflux and I'm being seen about jaw problems ( right side) I wear a mouth guard at night. I have had tired, itchy, sore eyes as well thought it was hay fever but not a sufferer, today is Friday and yesterday the headache/ pains went off but today i have been having tingling/ numbness/ tightness / itchy feelings in cheeks, lips, top of head and hands, I have stopped taking amitripyline within the last month which I take for ibs, I have not suffered with anxiety for a few months, but recently a few things have happened, my teenage son was attacked which resulted in him being in a cast, the police got involved he has since broke a finger in a accident at school, I could lose my job at Christmas, our cookers just been replaced after a week of being broken, I'm taking my 2 lads ( 13&15) to London in the morning to a football game which I'm a bit apprehensive about, my youngest is having 2 teeth out Monday and I have my driving test next week too. I have just woken up feeling sick/ dizzy and panicky and my tummy is really gurgling, I'm so worried about my head thinking maybe a Tumor or bleed but I'm also hoping if it was something like that I'd be quite poorly by now.

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Oh dear Lolly!

So sorry to hear about your distressing experiences.

I can only suggest that you find a quiet time to relax and do some slow deep breathing, in a well ventilated room. Also, look on 'You tube' for some stretching exercises, It helped with my stress and headaches. There is also an over the counter tablet called 'rescue remedy'. It's herbal, and helps you relax but does not cause drowsiness. Found in supermarkets and health shops.

It is also worth checking with your doctor, if anything else could be done.

I do hope and pray that you receive some clarity soon and that the pain subsides.

Please let me know how you get on.

I wish for you a peaceful day.

poor you! with that amount of crazy stress it's almost certainly ... stress. but i've had those same peripheral neuropathy symptoms from antibiotics, and they're pretty common - you should get checked for diabetes though. easy thing to say, but don't let the worry amplify the symptoms - because it will. I find massive distraction is best - of any kind! - and exercise too is brilliant if you're up to it. i hope your luck changes soon, friend.

Hi Lolly,

I have sore itcy eyes as well caused by my allergies. Doctor recommended cleaning eyes with moist facecloth, both night and morning - this does work. I am amazed at your courage! All my best.

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