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every day headaces... i cant cope !!!

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I have had migraines since I was about 10 I only had them when I was on. About 3 years ago I had a really bad migraine attack and went blind for a few hours which I never thought could happen.

After that I my head on the left side went very tender to touch never thought anything of it until one my face felt like it was hit with bat all down my left side of my face it hurt like hell. Then the pain in my got worst like really heavy and tender, even really bad ringing in my ears where a cant hear anything. I cant put into words how bad it got and while it is happening, I lost some sight it got that I cant drive anymore, because I have blind spots and every time I have a really bad head I loose some more sight. Then my blood pressure started to go up to 180 so I had to go on medication for that then about 4 mouth a go while I was having a really bad head which last now every day I had a suspect heart attack. I was in hospital for a day and being watch by the doctor now I have to carry a spray with me. they think my artery are having little fits ( I don’t know what its called ). I have tried everything for the bad head, and more test than anything even had 4 injections in my head while I was awake they said it was to kill the nerves in my head and guess what they missed them . I just wish the pain would stop I cry a lot and cant sleep its taking over me which I hate so much. Even my neurologist headache specialist

Cant do anything for me now we have tried everything.

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have you tried going to the migraine center?


I'm sure the migraine centre is fine for those who can afford it! I have a fairly good retirement income but despite almost daily migraines, I don't dare get into a cycle of appointments that would cost me hundreds of pounds.


They are very reasonable on costs, they don't turn people away, and and really really help. I made a donation, I took my child! It was well worth it. Mary F x

Also my friend went to sort out her hormone headaches, she did not need more than one appointments and the diaries were really useful.


i want to look into that but the doctor keeps saying it not a migraine and the others do so am stuck with this pain every day


I feel so sorry for grandma. I too have daily headaches - well almost every day - but they are clearly not as bad as grandma's. If the doctors say that the headaches are not migraine, what do they think they are? Being negative isn't at all helpful, is it? I have doubts about whether or not my headaches are migraines because they don't throb and I rarely have visual disturbance but as sumatriptan (Imigran/Imitrex) seems to work, I am assured that my headaches are migraines. Have you tried any of the triptans?


one doctor says it a traped nerve in my back but they wont run test for it i dont know why, one says its in my neck, some says it my blood pressure when its up it goes worse. but when i lose my sight thats when it gets me. some days i just get down with the pain


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