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finally getting some where !

Well after 8 years of Chronic severe Migraine ( who i call Mary) , being seen by the migraine clinic in london and had many GON which didnt work i saw a neurologist who gave my gp a list of medication to work through. over a period of 2 years ive tried ALL of the medication possible , topirimate worked for a couple of years but now it is not effective any more. so i finally got a referral back to neurologist . this was a younger lady who was shocked at the state of my migraines and what my doctor ( hasnt) done.. she has now referred me to the national headache crisis centre in the west midlands, and i am being sent for botox and acupuncture. so it seems things are finally going in the right direction. my migraines of late have become more savage the pain is off the scale and nothing works to ease them. to the point ive done stupid things like shut my hands in the door just to create a different pain to take it away from my head.

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No that's not stupid, shutting your hands in the door, I can quite understand where you're coming from. I've been having botox for chronic pain and it's having a good effect on my migraines. I get them frequently and now most of them have only very minor headaches which are quite liveable with. The odd one gets through which is awful, but overall life is so much better.

I hope this works out for you.


Thank you for the reply, ive heard good things about botox, though im under no illusion that it works for every one. as for the pain transference thing.. some people would see it as stupid but when you have a pain that you really can not tolerate any more you tend to try anything to divert it . ive lived with migraines for 8 - 10 years now.. i think my tolerance level is high when it comes to pain. but lately they are unbearable.. your reply gives me some hope x


I too am receiving Botox treatment for chronic migraine, I have had 2 treatments to date with a third booked. My migraines have reduced from approx 8 per month to 2 or 3. I am overjoyed with the results as I have been blighted with migraine headaches for over 20 years.

The aura of my migraine has changed since the Botox treatment started, which having discussed this with my consultant could be due to the treatment.

The treatment in itself is more uncomfortable than painful but well worth the inconvenience if successful.

I wish you the very best with the treatment.


Thank you for the reply .. it gives me hope seeing results like this .. i cant wait to start my course as i lose about half my month to migraine i average 15/16 days of them.


You're welcome, I would be interested to hear how you get on.


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