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Migrein attack again

Hello there

I have migrein which is getting worse and worse i am taking sumitriptan which was giving me amazing results from the beginning then i mean after sometime the results are not the same so i went to visit my Gp he prescribed me propranolol for one month and like 2 days ago i had to called sick at work again because i am doing night shift 2 together i've done one of it and then after sleep the next day i woke up with dizziness,nausea,stiffness in my neck and left eye pain with aura so i called sick and this is my second time.calling sick i am new one just 2months i've been working in this place feel so sad to have this condition

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So sorry to hear this Venislava.

I find chewing fresh ginger and washing it down with water, helps nausea. Slow in and out deep breathing help with dizzy spells. Somehow, drinking ice cold water helps the pain, for me.

Hope you feel better soon. Have a good day.

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Thanks for your suggestions i'll give a try.take care


Unfortunately sleep changes (not enough sleep, too much sleep, changing when you sleep) can be a major migraine trigger, so doing a job with night shifts might be causing the problem and it may not be possible for you to continue with it. You might need to think about looking for a different kind of job if you can.

There are other preventives you can try so do go back to your GP and ask. They don't completely stop the migraines though as you've found with Propranolol. You might need an anti nausea medication as well, and go through your diet to see if you can improve it eg cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, drinking plenty of water etc. and seeing if there are any foods that set off an attack.

Supplements like magnesium and B vitamins can help as well.

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Agreed, I used to do some night shifts and it is really difficult to keep a regular routine that way. You must get plenty of sleep and eat properly, despite the fact you may want caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks in the night.

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I am considering to just leave this job because i gave them.certificate from my Gp about the night shift but they don't want to accept that which is so sad


Thanks Frodo.

I found that caffeine is definitely one of the causes for my migraines. However, i get better results if I slowly reduce my intake, of caffeine, than to go cold turkey.

I found magnesium really effective. It has reduced the length of the migraine.

Now that the warm weather is upon us, drinking lots of water is really helpful in preventing migraines.


The stress from calling in sick to a new job is enough to give you a migraine. I'm sorry your having a hard time. Propranolol didn't work for me, but everyone is different. When everything quit working for me I started getting Frova or Maxalt (sorry bad memory) in a shot form. It's an injection that you do yourself. It gets into your system so much faster and most people can go on with your normal day. It works like an epi pen in your inner thigh. It's the only thing that popped me out of a horrible and long migraine cycle.

Good luck..take care of yourself and try not to stress.



Thank you so much for your advice Laura i will try this injection.

Take care too


The injection is also a triptan but it gets into your system faster. You may not be able to get it as it is more expensive than the tablets. Taking painkillers too often can cause rebound headache as well.

Your employers don't sound very good if they are ignoring the doctor's certificate about night shifts. I expect that is against workplace regulations as well. Try and find somewhere more sympathetic if you can.


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