Worst attack to date!!!!

Hi all, I'm new to this blog but after my latest migraine attack, I feel the need to seek support. Sunday morning I woke to the worst pain in my life! Completely new symptoms and pain. I share a little back story before I carry on with the latest attack. I've suffered with migraines all my adult life, my triggers seem to be chocolate & cheese, so obviously it's something I stay away from. On average I suffer with one once a month... I don't get aura or warning signs, they just strike, severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound, sleep usually helps. I've never seen a GP as both my mum and sister suffer with migraines so I never felt any need to but this Sunday, I thought I was going to die, my husband thinks that's a bit extreme but honestly that's how I felt. I was vomiting and retching until there was nothing left, I was freezing cold yet literally dripping with sweat. I've never felt pain like it in my life! This lasted around 6 hours, after falling asleep after around 11am I awoke around 3pm, still in pain but no way near as bad as that morning, nausea and vomiting had gone as had the sweats and shivers. I managed to keep some fluids down and slept the rest of the day. Today ( Monday ) I feel battered and bruised, still with a headache, my abdomen is sore and achy from vomiting so much and I feel extremely tired. I have never had a migraine as bad as that before, and honestly I hope to never have one like it again, It was all over my head, I usually get them on the right side of my head, it was just so different to my previous ones, all my previous ones seem like nothing in comparison. I was genuinely frightened, I could barely speak. The pain was pulsating with my heartbeat, looking back on it, I cannot believe I was in such a state. Has anyone had anything similar? Does anyone have any advice? I would happily take a "usual" migraine to the one I had Sunday!

Thank you in advance of any replies and my thoughts are with all of my fellow sufferers


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  • Hi, I think we,ve all suffered with a migraine that is 'off the scale' and scares the living daylights out of us which is really horrible and hard to cope with. I,m sorry you,ve had such a bad time with it. My best advice to you is to speak to your Dr which you should always do if your symptoms change in any way. It's probably nothing but best to get yourself checked out to put your mind at rest. Hope you,re feeling better now :)

  • For me a bad migraine is more about the nausea and gut spasms than it is about the headache. If I need to throw up I need to get to the loo because everything gets squirted out - either up or down and then I have to wait for a while for the spasms to actually stop before crawling back to bed.. Hope that you now go back to old format.

    It is possible that it could have been a virus as some do give you a migraine type headache with bad gut spasms and it isn't always easy to tell the difference.

    Migraines can change over time, but hope this was a one off for you.

    Agree that it might be wise to go and see your doctor.

  • I suffer from cluster headaches. Your experience sounds very similar to a cluster attack other than the length of time. Clusters usually last an hour but can come back very quickly. They also come in clusters and I've had 8 in a night/morning. Did you have any pain free periods in that 6 hours. Sorry I'm sure you do have migraine but I was told I had migraine for 12 years and recently was diagnosed with cluster headache. The level of pain you experienced just sounds more like cluster than migraine.

  • Hi there how do they know its cluster headaches? I have had a headache/migraine for the past month. I wake in the night with it and it lasts most of the day. The severity subsides as the day progresses but it never goes away. My meds no longer seem to work. The pain radiates from the back of my neck. Any thoughts

  • do you have twitching eye or watering eye and nose and on left side of the head normally and is it on a fixed time of the day and even fix minutes. It is very well tuned up with the biological clock of your body and starts on the same time even minutes of the 24/7 and nothing works. In Dr. B T Horton paper in 1023 which plains it as the worst pain a human body is subjected to and that's why it is called Suicide Headache in that paper as there are about 15 + suicides/year reported due to cluster headache. Girls who have been through child birth pain and cluster headache explain this pain as more severe than giving child birth.

    Cluster headache stops like it never existed. It does not subsides slowly. Stops like the light switch just turned off. The duration of pain cycle is from 10-15 minutes to 3 hours.

  • see my 2 replies to 'joseph97?' in the thread, 'chronic migraine'... hope it helps...

    love and healing hugs, maia

  • Hi there so sorry you are having such a bad time. I too have had something similar. Not sure how I survived. Best to check with your doctor. When you learn its normal you'll feel better. Hope you continue to get relief.

  • Hi there, A Nonsense word is "very sorry to hear about your pain" as it may not help a bit but that is all we have to offer to a person with this much pain. Dear your condition does not look like a cluster headache as there is no vomiting or nausea kinda stuff in cluster headache and it also comes on a fix time and even fix minutes of the day as it is very much tuned up with the biological clock of human body. You better check with doctor and get an advise.

  • B brave and best of luck

  • Anytime there is a change in the type of migraine you have you should see a doctor. Especially with the severity. Start with your Primary Care Doctor beginning with your family history and how you previously suffered with them. This may indicate a change for things to come or a one-off. With migraines you dont want to wait until you are suffering regularly like you just did. No one wants to go to the doctor but better to go now while you are not in pain and can explain everything coherently.

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