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Feverfew herbal tablets

I discovered feverfew herbal migraine tablets recently, in my local Holland and Barrett store UK. They were labelled as 'Migraherb'.

This morning, I Had the start of a cluster headache and nausea.

Deep breathing was not helping, this time. So I took one of the tablets. Within 20 minutes, the headache and nausea has virtually gone.

They don't seem to work when I am in the full throws of a migraine, but seem to prevent it developing.

The recommended dose is one tablet a day, so it maybe a good idea to have something else to hand. I would consult a physician if you are on medication

Please let me know if this helps

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I tried these too and found they gave me headaches and when i researched them one of the side effects was headache! Most headache tablets give you headaches as a side effect! It's a nightmare 😣😣

I have 2 boxes if anyone wants them!!

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Hi Cally

So sorry to hear that the feverfew did not work for you. When I started taking the tablets, I had the same experience. However, I waited a couple of weeks and used different things. I then went back to the feverfew and it worked. It seems to only work when the first symptoms start. Maybe that may work for you. I still find rosemary tea works best.

I wish you all the best

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Thanx Shaas, i think I'll stick with my magnesium glycinate.

Be well 😁


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