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Hi everybody

thought i'd update as haven't been on for a while.

I have changed doctors and asked for a referral for a neurologist.

I have been and they have referred me for MRI scans for the veins and arteries in my head- this is in a few weeks. If there is anything untoward then i may need draining around my eye or a needle puncture to release the pressure around my brain.

I really hope this works, but recommend anyone to see a neurologist for advice.

Many thanks!

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Good luck and hope it finds something useful so that it may be treated. Please update us if anything happens !

It sounds like, you may have been referred for Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) - which is harmless too.

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Thank you, I'll update when I hear anything from the results. I've never heard of MRA, so will have a research about it. Good luck to everyone too :)


Hi,I saw neurologist about 5 years ago which was complete waste of time.Apart from don't skip meals,drink water, destress and keep diary they had nothing constructive to say

Doctor is also useless,any alternative therapies are dismissed,even at my lowest ebb in tears in surgery all they want to do is write prescription out.

.Regarding MRI,I was refused one and told there was nothing wrong with me,I just had to accept I had migraines.

Good luck with your battle.


I'm sorry to hear the neurologist didn't help. Maybe you should change GPs and ask for another referal for a neurologist as they should scan to rule anything out.

The GP seems to always throw medication at people and not wanting to get to the root of the problem. What other therapies have you tried to relieve the pain? I've used hijama/ cupping in the past and the relief has been amazing. I've also heard botox and a daith piercing seems to help due to targeting the pressure points directly.

Please don't give up- we're all here to help each other as we're all in the same boat.

All the best.


Hi, tried acupuncture have tried Indian head massage have tried massage to relieve knots in muscles around shoulder,currently considering daith piercing but undecided as opinion is divided.The only thing that helps is a holiday,I can drink what I want(alcohol my biggest trigger),if I get headache only last hour or so instead of 12 or more.Just returned from Cornwall,great week but had 3bad heads since.Must be change of air or more likely stress levels dropped.How do you manage stress with family,mortgage,work etc.

Keep plodding on........


Cornwall is a beautiful place to relax- that's where I'm actually from haha.

At least you've tried a lot- i would recommend the cupping therapy and see how you feel.

Life is difficult but if we can elevate any stress that we know that causes pain then it helps a lot- i do a lot of list writing and planning my week in advance to try and avoid a heavy load.


Hi , I've been camping a lot , meaning a lot of fresh air . This seems to be one of the answers to migraines , I don't get them , being outdoors all the time .

As soon as the climate changes , then a migraine starts , can lead to 2-3 days .

I do get a lot pain on the left side of my neck , around my head and continuing pain in my left eye . Not sure if it's the neck issue that causing the start of a migraine ?

Whether it's the tension sitting in a car for long periods too , neck sought of being in one position .


Hi there,

Camping is relaxing and the air must help, but afterwards the air pressure and environment changes can affect the body and cause migraines- this happens to me too. With travel this is one of my biggest triggers too and can make me seriously ill. Do you tend to sleep during travel or take breaks if you're driving?

I get the pain on my left side too- have you been to your gp and asked for a referal for a neurologist? i've been told there could be a blockage in my left eye and have been booked in for various tests- please ask your gp for this so they can get the ball rolling.

Good luck and keep us updated x


Hi there ,

Thanks for replying back .

Yes I will mention this to my doctor next time I have an appointment . At the moment I seem to be getting a constant pain at the top of my eyes in the morning , it is becoming very annoying and draining .

Yes I do sleep whilst someone is driving , yes I would take short breaks if I was driving .

I've recently went a day trip by coach , felt my neck in pain, the next morning I could feel it travelling towards my left side of my head , to my eye .

Sorry to hear regarding your migraines , I do hope you find results .

Let me know the outcome .


I have 11yr old lad and 16 yr old daughter with epilepsy who is about to start exams,stress levels mostly at max at moment.

Have weeks camping at brean followed by week in Ibiza in August,the thought of that is keeping me sane...can't wait.

Thanks for replying,migraine lonely place for me and my family but its nice to talk with people that can empathise


ah sounds very stressful, i hope the kids get on well.

may i ask what medication your daughter is on for epilepsy? i was put on some medication called topiramate which some people with epilepsy use, supposed to be slowing the nerve signals down to the brain? maybe you could ask for that for yourself as it helps. i have also been given sodium valproate which i'm a bit scared to take but some people with epilepsy take this too apparently. enquire to see if anything can help.

i bet, focus on something positive and a goal in mind to ease the tension in the present.

most people don't understand and think it's a little headache, and since we've had them for so long we should be used to it, but that's not the case!

do you go to any migraine groups or anything?


My last meds were topirimate,trying magnesium at moment.

Daughter awaiting neurological appt at moment.

Haven't seen any local groups apart from one being set up by someone on here at end of may,will keep tabs on it

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