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Facial pain with migraine

After having migraine for over 35 years the one I had last night, all night, was different. I had to take Imigran at 5am.  I try not to take them as much as possible.  When I got up at 7am the skin on the left side of my face was soo sore to touch right into my hair and my teeth felt loose.  My migraines are always in the back of my head/neck or left side of my head.   I'm guessing neuralgia but has anyone ever had this with a migraine?  

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Awe Jackie 😭 hope your wrong!!

That's what I'm like, can't touch my left cheek the slightest touch on my temple or anywhere along the left side of my head is extremely sore but I'm getting 2nd jaw op soon so hopefully it'll go.

I get relief by lying in a warm bath and submerge my head, nose / mouth just out the water if it still hurts after the bath i hold ice packs on left side/ 30min intervals

Hugs huni 😘


Thanks Cally we do seem to be remarkably similar don't we. The face pain was a new one for me.  Can't wait to see how you are after op.  If it works I'll definitely pursue that line.  Thanks Hun x


Yeah we  definitely do. It's amazing how TMJD is wrongly diagnosed as migraine and really common for 45-55 yr old females!!!

I'll let you know how it goes

 Take care and try the bath / ice 😘 


In the last few months I've been getting pain in my face, moves around, across the cheek bones, around the jaw, inside my ear, in my teeth, sometimes bridge of the nose. The skin isn't sore though. I saw a headache specialist last week and mentioned it several times near the end of the appt but he didn't reply. To be fair to him I had already been through a multitude of other symptoms and effects.

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I have facial pain & migraine as 2 separate problems although deal with them the same way (botox). Not much you can do if touch makes it worse but I found pressing heat pack against my face did help when it was bad whereas those cold packs they sell specifically for migraine made it much worse. 

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I also get this and me and the consultant are sure whether it's migraine or neuralgia as I have lots of cross overs.

I've very recently had botox which hopefully will help with most of my lain from the migraines and what ever my jaw pain is ( I realise my Aura and numbness is probably here to stay) however:

Jaw pain: 2 things I use are

Clarity sage aromatherphy oil 5 drops, 3 drops of lavender in 10 MIL of carrier oil

Clarity sage helps numb the nerve endings and give the same kine if effects as majurana therefore relaxing you and spacing you out a bit. Massage into and part incising hair /scalp if required and it will numb down the pain

2. Wrap quiet a large amount of sea salt in a piece of fabric and heat in the microwave for 60 sec use as a compression until cold, re heat and repeat old but good ... also good for ear ache make sure you don't over heat and burn it

It only provide temporary relief but does help and toucan repeat as often as you like



Thanks for your reply. I'll give it a try next time I get it. Cheers


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