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Fibro Flare, Never ending migraine & money stopped

So i haven't posted in a while, lately i've given myself more of a kick to start looking after myself and my needs better than i have been. I find the more years im ill for the harder it becomes not to get stuck in a rut because nothing seems to help.

I've Found Cordial that doesn't contain Sweeteners or anything Artificial and have been focusing on drinking as much as possible each day, I was hoping the increase of fluids would show some relief but no change on the migraine front...

The last few months have been really tough, not only has my depression gotten worse due to turning 20 an feeling so imprisoned in my own body but my mam ended up in hospital for an Op which led to a Sepsis scare, nearly two weeks of hospitals,bunches of triggers caused constant fibro flare and migraine that was only barley controlled by *Cocodamol 30/500mg *Naproxen 500mg *Cyclizine 50mg *sumatriptan *omeprazole 20mg *kalms,

that was just over a month ago and ever since my fibro has just been getting worse and worse, im finding im struggling with more walking, simple tasks of getting dressed,taking shoes on and off, sleep is either impossible or the only thing i can do, my pain killers aren't touching it and im afraid that if it keeps going like it is my only choice of getting around will be a chair...My Migraines are chronic as usual never getting a break from one attack to the next.

I'm having a lot of trouble with,water retention,my stomach bloating is super bad and constantly at some stage of puffiness and also sudden fainting spells that feel different to others i've had, these seem to start suddenly in my lower body making me drop before i go in and out of consciousness...

If anyone has any tips,advice or know what i should do please comment.

(P.S. i hope ive written this so its readable-brain fog ,migraine brain is real right now,

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Sorry you're having such a rotten time of it.

My suggestion is only regarding the migraines. I had daily migraines throughout 2015. When I saw a specialist I was told I was suffering rebound headaches, because of medication overuse. It was really tough to adjust, but when I did, I felt better and had fewer headaches.

I was also told no more than 12 migraine tabs a month. I take Almatriptan, it works for me, but I do have to sleep off several migraines a month so I don't exceed the limit. Perhaps your GP could refer you to a neurologist, if you haven't already seen one.

The only other suggestion is, at 20 I tried a herbal remedy and restricted diet for 3 months and I didn't suffer a migraine for 20 years. Mine are back now because of injuries, bummer.

I know we suffer differently with migraines and triggers vary, so what worked for me may not help you, but it might. Best of luck and I hope you find some relief soon.

Cheers, catmag.


From my personal experience over many years I decided to stop taking any pain killers for migraine , on average my migraine would last for 24-36 hours no matter what,

I now firmly believe that Im better not taking anything, my recovery time is much quicker and my migraine frequency is much less, (I have had three a week ) like a common cold it will go when its ready regardless of what meds or not you take,

I know for many its an unbearable thought but consider this, how long do these medicines stay in your body, simply taking paracetamol for a period of time is know to cause rebound headaches along with other medicines,

I still get migraine sometimes my recovery time is 6-8 hours other times 24+hours, I travel a lot overseas which I know is a trigger for me,

good luck...


just sending a bit of solidarity here and the hope that you can get to see someone soon who'll provide some expert help soon. as we know, though - whatever the other triggers are, stress makes them so, so very worse, and it's important that (despite the fact you can't do much about some of them - it must be a real worry with your mum) that you tackle that too. Honestly - even breathing exercises are superhelpful in getting my stress down, as are neck and shoulder rolls to get the tension out the shoulders. And walk (somewhere nice) until you drop! I know that's not much good, but it helped me when i'd exhausted all the pharmaceutical approaches. And deffo had an effect in lessening the symptoms. Good luck - and there are lots of us walking this road with you.


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