Deja vu

I have had two strange episode, one today and one back in November. I can only describe as funny turns. Both started with strong sense of deja vu then a weird kind of consciousness like I was in a dream but awake. I saw the nurse practitioner and had blood tests but she thought might be connected to migraine. I am worried about epilepsy or worse. Anyone experienced?

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  • Hi, I have never experienced anything like that. I have a friend who was in car accident a few years ago. Since then he gets Déjà vu and the doctor has said this is epilepsy, which is now controlled with medication. If you are not happy I would get a second opinion.

  • Hello,

    I've never experienced anything like that that I would describe as having anything to do with migraines, I have Chronic Migraines and have had them for over 20 years. However I do have low blood pressure and it does sound very like that, it sounds like the first part of begining to faint. It also sounds like panic attacks which I also have, often feeling faint will trigger a panic attack as I get really self conscious when I get faint! I got it a lot when I went on Amitriptyline which I think lowers your blood pressure further as lots of medication does do. Its the sort of thing that happens frequently with me but obviously if you don't normally have things like that I could see how it would be more concerning.

  • I've definitely experienced deja vu and similar to what you describe when close to a migraine, amongst a myriad of other strange happenings including not being able to remember peoples's only passing for me though, I'd go and see a doctor again if you're concerned - I've been and had all the checks/scans/tests etc to rule everything else out - you should too at least for your own piece of mind.

    I think I remember reading that there are many links between migraine (with aura) and epilepsy anyway? EDIT: Interesting article:

  • Just to add, I believe weather is a main cause of my migraines and when a powerful storm is about to pass over is when I get the exact sensation you describe for a few minutes - followed by a migraine.

  • Thanks for your replies. I have a gp appointment booked for February 9th and my blood results will be back by then so I will follow it up. It wasn't like fainting but more like being in a dream or lost in thought but seemed real? Odd feelings. No migraine in sense of head pain but my eyes been flicking which is a common thing and I feel a weird pressure! I will definitely get it checked but wondered if could be weird aura.

  • Hi Lingiz - I hope it's not too late for you to have forgotten this forum!

    I have had the exact same thing. I have also had it twice, about 3 months apart. Both times I was at work on a computer.

    It is probably worth mentioning I have Ocular Migrains.

    My 'deja vu' moments lasted about 40 minutes - exactly as you describe. Both started with the initial deja vu stage for about 2 minutes. After that the stage 'deepened', like I was dreaming dreams that I could control although I was still awake. Once the spell had finished I realised I had carried on working the whole time & that I had typed a whole page of notes. However, I couldn't remember typing the notes or reading where the content came from - it was like someone had typed them for me whilst I was out of the room.

    It would be interesting to know the reasoning for your moments. I'm due at the doctors for a blood test soon so I'll mention my symptoms then.

  • Thanks for your reply. I see my gp on Thursday so will see what she says. Both times I had had a piano lesson and was driving home.

  • I saw the gp yesterday, bloods all normal so being referred fir eeg and an MRI scan to rule out ( hopefully) epilepsy.

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