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Hello everybody,

Would anyone like to buy a Cefaly II It is less than a year old for £150? It is complete with charger, box, instructions etc and one used electrode patch but apparently you can buy more of easily. It said you had to replace the patches frequently but I didn't need a new one in all the time I had it just as long as you don't have makeup/moisturiser etc on your forehead. I'm in the UK.


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Hi Cat

Does this machine stop migraines?

Cat00 in reply to Shaas

It has three functions migraine prevention, migraine acute treatment and a function that is supposed to aid sleep. It works really well on some people and not at all on others, like me unfortunately.

Hi Cat, I'd be interested. Why don't you use it anymore? Where are you ie how would we sort out payment/delivery?


Cat00 in reply to Susannagrout

Hello Susannagrout,

I don't use it anymore because I primarily bought it to use when I was pregnant and wouldn't be able to take Triptans and sleeping pills. My neurologist thought it might not be very effective for my type of migraines but she thought the sleep function might make it worth a try. But it didn't help, unfortunately my sleep problems are probably too ingrained for it to stand a chance! It has 3 settings one for migraine prevention, one for accute treatment for migraine and one for sleep.

The best way to pay for it would be through my paypal account, you just google paypal and open the link and then put in my e-mail address and it should let you pay that way. If you e-mail me your address I'll post it to you recorded delivery because it still costs £250 to buy new! I've never sent a private message before on this site so I'll just try and do that now so I can give you my email address.

Susannagrout in reply to Cat00

Hi Cat

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m afraid I’m not going to buy it as I’m not in the position to right now. Sorry

Cat00 in reply to Susannagrout

That's ok no worries xx

Hey Cat00 if she does not buy i am interested in it

Cat00 in reply to Ruhis2013

If you would like it Susannagrout can't buy it?

email me at amy@coffeebaking.com

I did manage to send my back for a full refund even after 8 months.

Cat00 in reply to designer111

ooooh really not having much luck trying to sell it!

They say that despite it is only refundable within two months, you cannot tell if if works unitl around 8 months. Therefore they had to full refund me if I had to wait that long to see if it worked, and it did not. So they refunded me. Say the same to them.

Hi my name is Frank. I am interested in your cefaly 2 and i am in the US. If it is still available, how can I purchase it? Thank You.

Cat00 in reply to Arnold0205

This is a link to it - ebay.com/itm/272951898504

If it makes it any easier it's on ebay at the moment, it's on for £140. I presume you won't have to pay any customs on it bc I'll have to send it recorded delivery so it's insured?

can you ship to new york in the usa and i will pay the shipping differance

You'll have to make a bid or use the 'buy it now' feature on ebay and ebay deal with the difference in shipping.

your ebay site after i click on buy it now says to contact seller because it does not ship to new york usa. help thank you


Could you try it again, we've had a look at the exclusion shipping list we assumed New York would be in North America but I think ebay thinks its in Central America? We think ( my husband and I) thats ebay thinks Canada is North America. We changed it so hopefully it will work now?

Sorry by the way we just did a bit more fiddling and we think its definitely able to go to the states now!

Okay. Apologies. We have been trying to get these international settings right. We have now properly tested an eBay checkout on my listing with a New York address with success. It should definitely work now!

Hi, I would like to know if Cefamy Medical is still on sale?

Sorry I sold it, I did see another one come up on her not long ago so hopefully you'll be able to get one.

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