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Migraines and retracted eardrums?

Hi, I've been suffering migraines for a few years but I was lucky and only used to get them once or twice a year. In the last six months I'm lucky to go two weeks without one. They always result in diarrhoea, sickness and having to sleep. The doctor has prescribed Imigran and then Almotriptan most recently. I had a headache that lasted 13 days, wouldn't go, it wasn't like just a headache but wasn't full blown migraine, until the last day when it was the most horrible one I've ever had. I went back to the doctors and asked them to check my ears whilst there as they are often sore when I have migraine. She said my ears are not ventilating properly and my eardrums are concave/retracted. I need to get them to "pop" but they dont feel like they are needing to pop, however I am trying anyway. She wasnt really sure if this hyper sensitivity to noises with this condition could be affecting migraines, so I am wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? Thank you xx

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