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Migraine and Endometriosis

Hi everyone,

A month ago I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. Whilst talking to surgeon that performed laparoscopy about the procedure and the results, I also took the opportunity to clear out whether all the migraine that I am getting (more than 10 days per month) might any connection to this inflammatory illness but got no clinically proofed explanation to it.

I am now wondering if there is anyone that is experiencing these two as mostly coming together? My experience is that when the Endo starts it usually triggers migraine. Pain in the stomach, always on my right side, streams down to my thigh/leg (Femoral/Sciatic nerve?), up behind the hip, up the back all the way to the right shoulder, down the arm (Radial nerve?) and also up on the right side of the neck and jaw. I start to feel pressure and pain in and around the ear, behind the right eye (that starts to tear and gets red), and up the right side of the scull to finally culminate in a full in progress migraine. My right side of the body gets colder than the left like as if circulation of the blood is not really functioning as well. As for the Endo and stomach pain it is, I would say, manageable, but as it is always coming or I would say triggering this hell of a migraine I am barely coping when it's at its worse.

Does anyone experience the similar problem and does anyone get any treatment for the both together? I am now taking Sumatriptan 100-200 mg for the migraine attacks and Ibuprofen 800-1600 mg and Paracetamol 2000 mg for the Endo when both hit together. Surgeon suggested now Synarel/Nafarelin for the Endo. Any experiences on Synarel/Nafarelin effect on migraine?

Best, L

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Wow I gotta tell ya I never thought to put the two together but I have been dealing with endometriosis for 20 years now. 4 laparoscopic surgeries with laser removal of lesions/endometrial implants. I have heard that they can adhere to any part of the body, including the brain. It makes sense really. I even had an ovary removed due to a 15 year old cyst that just kept getting bigger every month and filing with blood. My migraines are worse than ever. I think I'll bring this up at next appointment when he orders my next mri. Then maybe he can have them actually look for the lesions.


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