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Hi. I'm new here. I have suffered from migraines since I was 14 years old. I have tried medicines and none have worked. I got my first round of Botox in October and it seemed to have worked at first. Then I started getting headaches again that started out mild and then got worse. I really thought this would work. I have 3 kids and really need my life back. Anyone else have ant suggestions? Thanks.

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When did you last have Botox?


In October. I get my next one in January! I hope it works even better!


Hi I also had my first botox in October. For 11 days I was crystal clear but I have had a couple of migraines in the last week. I'm not giving up on it though. My Neurologist said you may not feel any benefit until the 2nd round and also some people have some really bad attacks at first and they seem to be the ones who gain most relief eventually.

Botox doesnt claim to remove migraine but to reduce severity and frequency. Dont despair yet I know I nearly broke down after my first migraine after Botox but now I've got my fingers crossed xx


I've also had migraines since about 14, tried lots of types of medications, none seem to do much (or they actually make me worse).

A doctor at the national migraine centre recommended trying the following:

For when attacks start: dispersible asprin in a can of coke, with an anti sickness drug (domperidone - over the counter) This works better to stop attacks than any triptan or strong painkiller I've tried! Take as soon as you feel a migraine coming on.

As a preventative: daily magensium, co-enzyme q10 and riboflavin supplements. details here:

I was really sceptical about the supplements, but as nothing else worked I gave it a try. It takes a couple of months to take effect but there has been a HUGE reduction in my migraines and when I do get one, it's much less severe.

After years of taking ineffective and increasingly nasty medications, the two above solutions were a welcome surprise - give it a go, you may as well!


Can I ask you what dosage you take of magnesium co-eq10 and riboflavin. I too am taking those supplements but was told by doc to take 100 mg of riboflavin yet the advised dose on the migraine support files is 800mg big difference.


Riboflavin – 200mg daily and Co-Enzyme Q10 – 150 to 300mg daily.

Do speak to a specialist though, I'm sure it will be fine for you to take these but I'm not a doctor :)

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I've had them since age 14 too, worse and worse the older I got. Medication doesn't help. I have to lie down with ice packs which you can't do with three children (or any children).

I got about 40% improvement when I stopped eating gluten. More improvement with B12, magnesium and B2. Last week added iron (spatone) each day and had another improvement. Any food with nitrates or sulphites can set off a migraine. Can't drink alcohol. Improvement with bromelain (a digestive aid that is also anti inflammatory).

There are also neuro stimulators such as Cephaly, or others a specialist might be able to give you a trial of.


Oxygen I believe works wonders. Docs reluctant to prescribe though. I'm seeing a specialist in 2 weeks and going to beg for it. I'll let you know how I get on. Mine are cluster headaches which apparently are different to migraine.


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