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I had an appointment with a neurologist about a week ago and put me on a withdrawal from my dose of 20 mg of Amitriptyline (an antidepressant) due to it making me over emotional and causing early signs of depression. He said that I was doing well on preventing my migraine/headache from becoming a 10 but it is always above a 7. There are a few different medicines that he as requested my doctor prescribe to me, but i feel like I'm at square one all over again.

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  • Hi there,I went through a similar problem lasr year.Amitryptiline made me really anxious and off my head.I dont think they really helped my migraines.Then the trouble began,trying me on various drugs and I ended up a lot worse.So be wary of this .Hope you find success.Take care

  • Amitriptyline did nothing for me, it made me worse ,i had terrible nightmares my heart was pounding all the time, my friend had even more dramatic side effects,it seem that no one has the answer to a long term cure.its just trail and error.there has to be more study done and research too, many people are suffering on a daily basis.

  • I was exactly the same. Came off the amitriptalyne after 9 months they made me feel like I had dementia. Then they wanted me to try propanolol but I'm just so reluctant to to try any preventative after seeing some of the side affects people suffer from. I've even stopped the sumatriptan as I was getting worse rebounds. I'm controlling mine now with supplements. No where near pain free but much intense and less frequent. I'm seeing a headache specialist next month. Here's hoping he'll prescribe me the oxygen to try

  • magnesium oil spray is great for your neck n shoulders at night it helps sleep too. also zinc if you go too you local health store they will recommend a lot of stuff with no side effects, passiflora helps before you start if you get a warning,i get blue spots and silver lights flashing at the side of my eyes,hope this helps.

  • I have heard about the Mag oil spray. What exactly do you do and when do you do it?! thanks

  • just spray it around the back of your shoulders and arms and neck before sleep it helps to relax you, i dont know how it works but it really helps good luck with it...

  • Sorry as a preventative or onset headache?

  • i was put on pizotifen as a side effects, gained 1/2 stone over several years as i was eating better, fewer migraines and less severe. Stopped after menopause, hope that helps

  • I take propanalol...only side effect is cold hands in winter! That's no trouble. Amatriptyline not great but I stuck it for six years. Very blurry brain on it. Didn't realise until I came off it! I've had a greater occipital nerve block which seems great three weeks in so hopefully will help long term. It's trial error but the key is to try it before you turn it down. Don't say no to stuff, it might be the answer and if it doesn't work for you then at least you know!

  • Hi ladies, just came across this post and decided to post because I suffer from severe migraines for over 30 years and I finally found ( I think) some peace...

    I've tried sibelium, topamax, and all the stuff mentioned above... Loads of side effects and nothing worked.

    I am now doing botox, I'm still taking 50 mg topamax twice daily hoping to reduce to 25 daily next month, I'm mostly using natural supplements.

    Vitamin b6 + folic acid + slow k+ Co enzyme 10

    The migraines are gone completely, I get a bit of a headache every so often that gets sorted with a paracetamol.

    I've been doing the natural supplements combination for 6 months, I stopped to test it and the migraines returned.

    The botox works and there's no side effects.

    I hope this helps.

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