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I m 21 yrs old and i m suffering from headace for past 4 yrs initially pain was intermittent and relieved by itself on sleeping with episodes of 2-3/month. Nxt it gradually progressed and started to be almost everyday which never subsided even by using NSAID's tablet. My CT was absolutly nornal. I m havjng sinusitis infection with sphenoid sinus being affected and maxillary polyp along with left sided deviated nasal septum. Recently i Got operated for devaited nasal septum and cleared by sinus infection also. Even after this operation my headche was not relieved rather be in same intensty. Please help me regarding my prblm

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Hi kondragunda welcome 😆. Have you seen a neurologist and had your headaches assessed? There's a lot of different migraines and cluster migraines but they're all different and require specialist treatment.

You really need stronger meds. Is your GP treating your headaches?

So sorry your in so much pain 😢


There is no use of medication for my headche . Some say it as tension headche and tell stay away from tensions


If you can afford it it might be worth trying a course of chiropractic treatment as the cause of the headache might come from your neck. I would also suggest trying mindfulness meditation every day as this would help you to relax and be calmer if the headache is in fact caused by tension. There are lots of meditation tracks on Youtube to try out. If you find a teacher that works for you then buy a download.

Hope this helps. Good luck x

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Just an idea....could sitting at a computer for too long be contributing to your headaches? For instance, if you use one a lot, is it at the correct height not to be putting stress on your neck. I have read a lot about what they call forward head carriage or text neck causing not just headaches but long term postural problems due to computers, or laptops. Also using a mobile a lot (head bent to one side etc).

Another idea, if it's one sided could be your teeth. I was getting constant headaches, always starting at the same time of day, late afternoon, and it turned out I was clenching my teeth at night causing them (bruxism). I had a mouth guard fitted by the dentist which helped a lot. I was also prescribed a short course of low dose amytryptolyn as a pain killer to break the cycle and it worked.

Hope this is useful and you get some relief soon. K


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