I've had Migraine's everyday for the past 18 yrs

Hi as i said I've been having Migraine attacks up to 2 too 3 seprate attacks a day for the past 18 yrs I'm 57 yrs old and its been hard and at times have even had the thourght that it would be better to end my life just to make the intence pain go away but the love of my family keep me going, but mine just like everyone who gets them is no diffrent accept mine are triggerd from servicronic headachs you see my servical spine is crumbling away or collapsing I had a cage fitted to C5 & C6 in 2010 and was then told there was no more they could do now its 2017 and have found out i still have trapped neaves in my neck C7 which is still causing me a lot of pain and of course the Migraines, i been on everythink, but this gives you more problems ealse were like the stomach so after a weekend from hell from all the meds to my stomach I have cut them all out exsept my pain patches and my Sumatroptan, what I'm saying is even if luke me your on loads of meds from your GP/Dorctor keep an eye on the linning of you stomach as this can lead to a lot more complecations.. so please even though the miraines are bad to many mefs a once can be even worse please keep med safe.

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  • 😭😭 so sorry Keith πŸ˜” thank you for sharing. Can't believe what you've been through and still going through πŸ˜”.

    Thank god you have a family to live for.

    I've just cut everything out except sumatriptan injections and maxalt melts. I'm looking at CBD oil to get rid of sumatriptan, read lots on it.

    Take care and be as well as you can 😘

  • Hi Cally01, thank you fir your reply what is CBD oil and Maxalt melts? Have not heard of them I would love to be able to come off of Sumatriptan, as been on them for 16 years to long,

    Thanks take care hope yours go very soon and you can get back to a life with out Migraine x

  • Maxalt melts are a different tripran you don't need to drink if you feel sick. CBD oil is a bi product of marijuana. It's used increasingly for fibromyalgia and migraines.

    Be well πŸ’– and thank you.

  • Thank you again Cally01 will ask my GP when i see hem on the 26th

    Take care and keep well 😘

  • Keith, if you have stomach issues you can also take triptans as nasal spray or injections.

  • Hi can i recommend to go Chiropractic. the one i went he was excellent in Solihull, Stephen if you can. I went more then a year on regular basis and made huge difference. Since then i carried on regular basis excersise , kept away wine and beer. Regular sleep but not in heated room. Keep away all stressful things and worrying things. Read more book about how to handle the stress. It made huge differences, now i suffer once a quarter . I was suffering twice per week. All the best wish you quick recovery, not easy at all.

  • I kept away all type of medicine, my experience they are only good at the beginning but a few weeks later not much affect. Instead i use ice cold water, i keep my head under cold shower about 5 minutes even longer. Cold water shock makes you much better then anti migraine tablets. I kept natural treatments and kept away from tablets, they are not curing, only temporarily delaying the pain. Not worth if you think of side effects. Good luck

  • You are very sensible to keep away from some medication Akin. Some of the over the counter remedies for migraine, can actually induce the illness if used regularly. There is one in particular (whose name I don`t think that I am allowed to mention - so I won`t), that is very good and has yellow tablets and pink ones.

    You take one colour if you have a migraine and one colour if you think that you are likely to have one that day. They work a treat for 2 or 3 weeks, then their effectiveness wanes and the ill days return and become more frequent.

    If you have a break from them for a couple of weeks or so, you can then start taking them again, but only for another 2 or 3 weeks, then you must have another break. For myself, I only purchased them when I was desperate because they were quite expensive and I didn`t want to get a migraine (I already had those), but wanted relief from the discomfort.

    The best you or any miggy can do, is find out what induces your particular migraines and adjust your lifestyle or the foods that you eat, accordingly. Learn relaxation techniques and act promptly when you feel an attack coming on.

  • Hello, I am wondering what the medicine you speak of is called

  • As I said in my earlier blog Asaft, I don`t think that I am allowed to mention the product because it can be construed as advertising or worse. In the interests of helping, I`ll take a chance though. It is called Migralieve. It is good, but you must remember my cautions.

  • Many thanks to you for the addvice will try the cold shower Akin and it is my hope to be free of all tablets by May 1st

    Be well and take care best wishes

  • Good luck Keith, I m suffering today without any reason. Yesterday I played Tennis for 2 hours , went to Sauna etc for this morning woke up with horrible headache. When it comes I just lay down most day.. horrible monster 😱

    It is also worth mentioning, recently I found there is some connection between other chronic illness and migraines. I have carcoidosis which is white cells related illness in the blood . This can cause headache as well.

    Good luck keep smiling πŸ˜„

  • Hi - it is possible that you are suffering today due to a lack of salt, especially if you exercised and then went to the sauna. May be worth checking out work by Dr Angela Stanton as she has really helped me and I have suffered with migraines for 50 years.

  • Ask your GP if you can go on the Gammacore trial. I've been on it 4 weeks and have had 12 pain free days since starting it. For one who's suffered almost daily headaches, it's a Godsend.

  • Oh Babs that's great 😁 12 day's wow. Onwards alnd upwards i hope πŸ‘ x

  • Actually just checked my diary and it 16 days. 16 glorious pain free days πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘xxx

  • WOW fantastic news 😘 xx

  • Thank you Babs1234 will ask him

    Keep well x

  • Praying for you Keith. I'm so sorry you're suffering. I am thankful to God you haven't ended your life. You are precious and valuable. Jesus loves you. I'm thankful you have a family who loves you. I will continue to pray for you.

  • I have been gobbling up at least 5 aspirins a day for 30 yrs.. I also take Rizitriptan and Sumatripan. I am so scared. I have erosion in my stomach and I feel like I am killing myself. I don't know what to do. I can't stand the pain of my headaches. I am now 66 yrs old. I was so sad when I read your story. But, I feel as though our lives are very similar.

  • Keith59, that last message was for you.

  • I've had migraines most of my life I'm fourty years old I have lack of sleep of a night and stress too don't help me none either

  • I've tried exedrein migraines and topamax and even imitrex and even floricet they don't help me either what should I do those migraines drive me up the wall everyday.

  • I think looking into medical marajuana may be a place to start for some of us and to get off all the meds that are going to distroy our health.

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