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Migraine associated vertigo

I have had continuous dizziness since March and been to a dizzy care clinic who diagnosed MAV and have also eventually seen a neurologist who has confirm uncontrolled migraines. Although I have had migraines for some years I am just having severe dizziness and headaches. Trying to find tablets that will help. Started on Topiramate. Haven't driven for months and struggling with day to day work and general day to day activities. Anybody have similar problem?, any advise please.

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Hi, my whole family have episodes of this including my children, we all have Hughes Syndrome/APS - Sticky Blood - Antiphospholipid Syndrome, a condition frequently missed by GP's and shockingly Neurologists. Recently a debate in The House of Lords to change this attitude. A person with this disease will often have other relatives with autoimmune disease, including Thyroid, early heart attacks or strikes and in the case of women frequent miscarriages or still birth. This sort of headache is lessened by either Aspirin or anticoagulation. If you would like more information come back to me. MaryF


I've suffered from migraine for almost 70 years, from the age of 8, migraine which became much worse when I retired. In May last year, I started having attacks of vertigo, diagnosed as *BPPV which responded well to the usual treatment but left me with balance problems. Now, beginning to feel dizzy, heavy eyelids and drowsiness are signals for the start of a migraine. I mentioned this change to my neurologist but he seemed to shrug it off.

I have had two MRI scans, one of ear area because of the vertigo and one of my neck and my head to see if there was anything that was likely to be contributing to my migraine attacks. Nothing! Everything is normal - for my age, I was told so I am also at a loss to know how the dizziness has become associated with my migraines. (I'm always hearing "For your age" these days. It's so discouraging! It makes it clear that life continues to go downhill from here on).

Hughes Syndrome is unlikely to be a problem as I've been on anticoagulants since before the migraine attacks.

*Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo


Flunarizine works much better than topiramate for me. I have bad dizziness and nausea, no headache silent migraine. Topiramate was awful, couldn't complete simple tasks, couldn't think straight at all. Might be worth trying flunarizine if your neurologist will prescribe it?


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