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Vestibular migraine

After reading a comment from Mary f on hepiplegic migraine I took a look at the migraine variants because I have some new symptoms last year or so. I get pulsating neck pain, fullness in left ear and numbness down left side of face,feel off balance and generally just not right. From what I,ve read I think this is a vestibular migraine, does anyone else have this? I went to see a dr but she just dismissed it saying she didn't really know what it was and probably just part of my migraines as I,m susceptible to neurological symptoms because I get aura with migraine! NOT VERY HELPFUL. can anyone reassure me this s a migraine variant or whether I need to see someone else? This also really affects my driving and am wondering if I should be?

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Have you thought about going along to the National Migraine Centre, you can self refer, I traveled miles from East Anglia and took one of my unwell children there, glad I did.. they do have the expertise on solving headache problems, Mary F x


Thanks Mary, yes I have thought about it but I,m not really looking for medication Just a diagnosis really. Anyone who reads my posts knows I just won't take the meds as I,m scared of the side effects and I think they turn episodic migraine to chronic ....I know that's just my opinion but I,ve had 2-4 migraines per month for 10 years. I don't get MOH or rebound headaches so I,d rather it stayed this way and suffer the pain than risk making them worse. I know some people will be screaming at me reading this but we all deal with this illness differently. Thanks for the advice I do appreciate it. If anyone at national migraine centre could post an opinion it would help. Thanks


It could possibly be MAV migraine associated vertigo. You have similar symptoms to me however i believe the cause of mine is my thyroid as i was diagnosed last year as severely hypothyroid. Im slowly eliminating possibilities by increasing my meds and getting tests on iron b vitamins and vit d. Of course it could be a nasty development of my chronic tension and chronic migraines ive had for 10 years. But my headaches got worse (i know now) when my thyroid function was low. There is dizzy times a forum for dizzy people and MAV using natural treatment on facebook. They might be able to help. Depending on how long this has been going on you should see a neuro otologist (in London) who can help with this. But I have suffered two years now of near constant dizzies/ balance and im not dead yet! It could be coming from your neck VEDA are a good webiste too and maybe some neck manipulation may help. Let me know what you find and good luck x


Thanks bexyls I will take a look at the sites you reccomennded and see where I go from there. :)


Hi, I have hemiplegic migraine attacks with aura, they are so severe that I am left partially paralysed down one side... I went to the Vertigo Clinic who then subsequently diagnosed Menieres disease (this is a condition that affects the inner ear) you feel full in the eardrum, spinning sensation, nausea and vomiting, and overall very unwell.. I am not saying that this is what you have, but might be useful to you to know.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.



Thanks angel face, I will be going to see my dr for a referral to a specialist this week. I just want someone to clarify what it is really then I can stop worrying!

Do you take anything for the dizzy ness, mine s not vertigo just off balance and uncoordinated like I've had one too many!:)


Hi julia

I get the feeling of being off-balance a lot. I've been told it's "migraine without headache", though I get the headaches too. I've had facial pain for years so understand about the full feeling in the ear, which happens anyway for me but can be worse with migraine. I was initially referred to ENT for dizziness and saw a neuro- otologist specialist who diagnosed migraine. It was good to get checked over and find out it was nothing serious, though nontheless a pain in the backside.

I have given up on medication for the dizziness as it just makes me sleepy. Suppose I'm not that bad compared to some people though.


Thanks for answering tea drinker, would you mind telling me what you took for the dizziness? I have bought sturgeon today, not sure if it will work but worth a shot I suppose!


Julia I'm the same and the pulsating goes down to my feet, I'm fed up of feeling so low

The dizziness is driving me crazy and I feel so sick with it, people are saying it's anxiety but I know there's something wrong

Even saw nurologist who's doe MRI and ft scans but not diagnosed anything yet

This all started after my c section

I've got 2 children 1 who's 8 weeks and I feel like I can't be a Mum

I'm so upset I just want to feel me


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