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Is this just Chronic Migraines+ Cluster Headaches?

I've suffered from chronic migraines and cluster headaches for the last 11 years, over the last few years they've become permanent- no medication or treatment has worked. My parents seem to believe that there's something else going on and the migraines are a symptom. I know aches and muscle stiffness is symptoms of migraines but im suffering from really severe body cramps,muscle stiffness and my skin feels bruised to the touch. When it happened last week i could barley sit up, moving a hot water bottle was out of the question and I had an almost heaviness to my chest when it came to breathing.

During a migraine/cluster headache 90% of the time i need someone to hold a drink to me mouth. but during the body cramps and other issues my pain was a 3- which to me is very low and normally bearable.

Does anyone suffer from this? 

is it just the migraine/cluster headaches and its just sometimes worse than others?  

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Sounds like severe cluster migraine to me. I would insist on being referred to a neurologist for a brain scan though just to put your mind at rest

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Someone who is in the same boat as I. Whilst our symptoms may differ, our headaches may differ, I am a daily sufferer of headaches and also have clusters.

Medication, so far is not working and I'm deteriorating. I have a permanent headache and it then spikes like a hand grenade going off inside my head 3-6 times a day.

If you are not seeing the National Migraine Centre, I really suggest you book an appointment. They can refer you to another specialist, which is what  is happening with me. There is possible surgical intervention.

Please be aware that I can not make those decisions, it's for the specialists, and it's on a case by case basis.  You may well be completely different to me, and it could be something simple; I can't say, so I hope that you understand :)

Hopefully you will have had a recent mri/ CT scan, which was clear to reassure you.

Their number is 0207 2513322 to speak to the National Migraine Centre. It's a charity organisation, so they take donations. If you have treatment, which would be discussed, that is the chargeable service.

I hope that this helps, and like I say, I really empathise with you. I wouldn't think it's anything serious.



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