cluster headaches

Hi everyone I,m new to this site and just need to talk and hopefully get some advise.

My husband has had chronic cluster headaches since June 2013 with not a single days let up. He uses oxygen every evening and is on Topirimate 300mg each day he's also had the steriod injections in his neck which did not help, he uses zomig nasel 5mg, pizotifen at night and is on a high dose of steriod tablets at the mo for two weeks to try and help it. the docs have tried him on all sorts of drugs but none seem to help, his mri & ct scans all came back normal. I just don't know what to do next he's depressed with the constent pain, angry a lot of the time, he'll cry at the drop of a hat and says he feels like getting in the car and driving away from it all. I feel like we just exsist at the mo with no feal life.

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  • Please look at my post regarding homeopathy :)

  • thanks will do as anything at the moment is worth a try

  • It really is worth a try. I took my daughter in desperation and had no faith in alternative therapy but would try anything. Used a local guy with amazing reputation. So please try ;)

  • I'm puzzled because I didn't think that cluster headaches were continuous. I was under the impression that they were horribly intense and come at you out of the blue but relatively short lived. If there were no let-up, I would wonder if I were really suffering from cluster headaches or something else.

    As for topirimate, I used it for three months some years ago and had horrible reactions to it: painful "pins and needles" in my thumbs and big toes, nausea every time I tried to eat causing me to lose over 20lbs in weight (and I wasn't fat to start with!) and depression which caused me to cry at the drop of a hat! It was also useless in reducing or preventing my migraines.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had greater occipital nerve block injections and, much to my surprise, the number of migraines I have had has reduced dramatically. I'm now able to stay off the medication which I'm convinced was creating more headaches and causing me to feel low between the attacks. I know the GON block injections are only a stop-gap so I'm now going down the neurotherapy road and planning EFT and hypnotherapy because I want to avoid being put on more drugs. I live in hopes.....

  • Hthanks for your post he's had the nerve block injections but they didn't help at all two days later we were back to square one. seen the gp tonight who has now signed him off work to chill out and gonna lok at some therapy for him. also got his consultant appointment brought forward as gonna try verapimil. fingers crossed this ends soon.

  • Good luck!

  • Ask your GP to refer you to a neurologist. If you are near London, the best place is UCLH. near Russell Square.

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