The heat in my head

The heat in my head

I suffer fron constant headache on my left side on my head. Never had headaches before in my life, but for last 3 years there is not one day without strange headache.

Why strange? Its a constant heat and when upset the heat is growing...feels like the temperature in my head is 99° Celsius

Sometimes I feel that my head will explode with amount of blood through the left ear or will have a stroke.

Really tired of my life:(and I had so many dreams and business plans.Ehhh

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  • Hi bet.... I've had the hot head syndrome aswell. Mine can also go stone cold. I mean like -30 .... totally weird. I looked after my parents for 8 years. Dad was in a wheelchair and mam was jealous because he got more attention than her .... but then he needed it. But that's another story. I've been suffering from migraines for the last two years or so and I think this hot head syndrome is a bi-product of that. Along with pains at the backs of my eyes and not being able to sleep properly at night. I also suffer from depression and miss my parents a lot .... now that they have both passed away. I am sorry to hear of your situation and I know this is a drop in the ocean for you .... but you are not alone on this .... take care for now .... Conor.

  • Hello Conor,

    Thank u for sharing with me...actually we have similar lifes.I was looking after my mum when she had a lung cancer.I though I was going too cos I couldn't handle it. I was watching all the stadium of cancer. Was the most horrible time of my life.

    Also more issues was going on in my stepfather abused me. But not matter now. So just one week after my mums funeral the headaches started. But you said you had headaches, what's that mean? U dont get them anymore? What helped you to get rid of them.?



  • Sorry Betina .... I should have been clearer .... I've been having them for the last two years or so and I am still having them. It is said that stress causes most of the conditions our bodies suffer. I look back at what I did for my parents and wonder now how I achieved it all. Only had the odd migraine back then but I was probably running on adrenalin_ then to keep them at home for as long as possible. My father was only a week in hospital before he passed away at a good age of 85 and mam passed away at home only five months later at the age of 86 in her bedroom on a sunny "may day" morning as I rolled down the window to guide the ambulance up .... I heard the birds chirping away and the sun was glissening on the water at the mouth of cork harbour. And I remember afterwards .... thinking what a nice way to go .... It was a final wish of hers. Sorry for going on about me so much. I am on prograine beta blockers for so called prevention of migraines .... they probably just lessen the amount I get at a time. I also have migraleve duo _ pink and yellow tabs. I find these excelant. The pink for when you feel a migraine coming on and the yellow after if it persists. You probably heard of these already. (Always all tabs to be taken 4hours apart). I seem to getting a lot of migraines lately. I think when an anniversary comes up and now the run up to christmas. All stressfull times. I seem to writing a book here betina. Wrong time of year to be going to be going for a nice walk. The usual things doctors tell us to do to relax and I don't get around to doing or at least not enough of. Nice to talk to you Betina .... take care .... Conor.

  • Thanks Conor for the nice story....and for your help:)

    Was nice to talk to you and all the best;)


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