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I tried to reduce my sugar intake by using artificial sweetners containing Aspartame. Shortly after I started to get cluster headaches. I didn't know there was a possible link until I did some research. Trouble is that Aspartame turns up in many things you eat & drink (even in some brands of Co-codimol). I go for products that use Sorbitol instead. Look up 'Aspartame' & reach your own conclusions.

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Yes , my migraine got worse too with aspertine. But now I m diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is due to chronic stress and nervous system responding in adverse way to pain trigger . I m 46 yr female and got diagnosed with mild hypothyroid first n then got referred to rheumatologist as dint respond to thyroxine.

I get puffy eyelid on off , and my headaches r more to rt side n my eye lid swells up more than left eye. Due for MRI. Fingers crossed.

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I have seen an NHS specialist today (15:10:2015). He is proscribing 100% oxegen & antibiotics to have on standby for when next headache cluster starts. I hope this works for me & others who have this awful problem. As mentioned earlier I suspect aspartaMe [not astpartiaNe] as the start of my troubles. (look it up for yourself). I can well believe that chronic stress and nervous systems can be the RESULT of having migraine/trigeminal neuragia/cluster headaches as well as a possible cause. Had MRI - nothing found. Keep trying and best of good fourtune to felow sufferers.


sorry 'antibiotics' should read 'steroids'


Reducing sugar is good but the action of sugar-substitutes is harder on your pancreas, your liver and your kidneys. Find other ways to sweeten your food.


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