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Peppermint oil

Hi ive had migraines for yrs on n off until last yr when it got a huge grip on me to the point i cudnt do a thing for myself on a daily basis. Then i started having neck pain. Seen neurlogist who basically said its not caused by my migraines and sent me back to dr! Considering at that point i cudnt move my neck i was in agony! Anyhow iv tried simple neck exercises which eases the pain .. im on gabapentin n zomig for pain so far since feb iv been pain free for a day!! Wat a great day that was 'to feel human again was fantastic! Thou short lived'as im gettin aches pain n dull n full on migraine rest of time! Iv been lucky n am recieveing help from dwp as i was in so much pain i was in tears!! My head feels like its cooking from the inside out at worst n without zomig id have prob died by now the pain is that unbearable! So inbetween these meds i use peppermint oil to ease my shoulders neck n cool my head down. It does help n saves poppin pills all the time 'just adds to others im taking n sick of rattlin when i walk! Just thought it may help some of you :)

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I know exactly how you feel, I too have the neck and shoulder pain and chronic migraines. I feel that it iis caused from the pain in my neck, I have tried various things, botox, acupuncture, and various medication and still suffering. I had to give up work a year ago. However although I have tried route down DWP and was not successful so I would be interested as to how you processed this.

Furthermore the pain in my neck travels down my arm and I also have nerve pain in my back and down my leg head and face. for the past 2 years my neurologists was saying the pain in my neck and shoulder was caused by the migraines, but this is not the case i feel.

when the pain gets so bad then it turns into a migraine however my neurologist said its a migraine that is causing the neck pain which I disagree with.

It is only now that he is taking me seriously and feel he is now putting me forward for further consultation, that is another story re appointments and long waiting times.


Sorry to hear how bad your symptoms are affecting you, I know how frustrating it can be to get anyone to understand how it affects us, regarding the dwp I was doubtful I'd get anything to be honest but I was literally unable to move my neck to even face the interviewer though I tried! The dwp now go by how the symptoms affect you so I guess everyone's slightly different, I was a mess, very frustrated couldn't do a thing for myself could hardly walk as every step was so painful ,I am still suffering on pretty much a daily basis though I'm able to move my neck now so long as I keep up the exercises and keep taking the tablets!! Ive just gone through a 5 hour migraine again today so I'm not very with it yet.. I also struggled with how I'm meant to get a job and hold it down issue! As before I was suffering and managing to hold down a job though then it was nothing like it is these days!I mentioned to my Dr previously before zomig I would have easily taken the place of these people that get beheaded the pain gets that unbearable!, they look at you like your talking a foreign language which again infuriates me! One Dr told me I'd had just a migraine once when I thought I was having a stroke!!! He just matter of fact ly said it like it was nothing!! ..trying to find a sympathetic doctor must be one of the hardest struggles a migraine suffer has to go through before getting any proper care 😕😐 .the only thing I can suggest to you is to reappeal explain in a s much detail how you suffer on a daily basis and what it's like at your lowest moments .. and get some back up from your gp. Good luck asthis is a dilberating condition and IS now recognised as a disability.


Thanks for the feedback. I have called and made a claim today x


I use Peppermint oil also, I find it relaxing to my temples, and neck

Still having them daily, hate them, or should I say at 3:00 am.

Good luck to you.

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Funny how we are all different. I tried peppermint oil and the strong smell made my migraine stronger! Now I put it on a cotton swab and place it in a corner of the floor to kill ants!


The shoulder, neck and headaches, I was told by my neurologist is classic Coat Hanger Migraine. I found the worse thing you can do is not move your neck and shoulders as this can cause frozen neck/shoulder. Keep moving them. I too couldn't get any help from DWP and haven't worked for over a year now. Who will employ someone who is in constant pain and dysfunctional? Try telling them. Because I could dress myself and go to the toilet at night myself I apparently don't fit the criteria?


I no how you feel.. i struggled dressing as couldnt move my neck my neurologist told me nothing! I think the dwp want to hear how it affects you at your worst'plus she could see just by looking at me how bad it really was. Thats the problem see' because people cant see pyshically from lookin at us they dont understand ' our pain is inside and that takes a lot for a non sufferer to determine how to asses us i guess.. because at the time of interview i was in a very low bad time it was easier for her to make her judement i guess. As iv said before it is a disability that needs more recognistion and we shouldnt have to struggle to get the help we need. I do hope you have some success soon i know about work issues i have no idea when im going to have a good day so im limbo when works involved.. it does frustrare me as i do want to work and have in past sick of not being able to do the things 'normal' people can do :/ i cant even drink booze as suffer for wks after:(


Have you tried osteopathy? I had some treatments earlier this year as I pulled something in my back/shoulder area (while I was being sick with a migraine!). I was in agony & saw an osteopath who said my shoulders were like bricks and I had a terrible neck! He pulled & pushed me around over about 5 sessions and I felt so "free" around my neck area, I hadn't realised how bad I was! I am sure my migraines are partly hormonal but also structural, ie from my neck. That's been proven by how effective the steroid injections have been for me. The neurologist who administers the steroids said that migraines are very often "referred" pain, ie they originate from elsewhere, usually in the neck, but the pain signals travel up the nerves to the forehead/temples/eyes so you think that's the painful bit. The injections block the pain pathways to stop the pain signals travelling. It's been very effective for me, the migraines stop for at least a month, but then gradually come back. I have the injections every three months on the NHS, via the neurology department.


I hope you to get to the bottom of why you are getting such pain in your neck sounds just the same as myself . Trip tans are the only melds that really work for me but I find I can't take more than one every 4 5 weeks then they don't work as well and if I was to use say weekly as I get a some pain relief they then make it worse as the pain in my face returns and is then worse so I use ice packs, almost daily now with the pain . I will try the peppermint oil. Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.xx


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