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Please, has anyone tried the homeopathy route? My mother had it years ago when it was recognised by the NHS and it helped her a lot with her migraines. Now it can only be done privately which is very expensive but worth it if it works. I am having accupunture, again private. It has helped but the migraines are creeping back slowly. Would love to hear if anyone has tried homeopathy. Thanks

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I tried homeopathy for a full year because I did not want to take the strong meds my neurologist had prescribed. I was lucky enough to live near a very reputable homeopathist and he tried every thing he could think of, including acupuncture, but unfortunately without success. I still had a job then so could just about afford the twice monthly sessions!! I am glad I tried it though because when I eventually took the NHS meds, the side effects were so severe that I had to be medically retired. I am now drug free (my decision) and manage the attacks with high flow oxygen and the occasional sumatriptan injection.

Give it a go, everyone reacts differently.


Thanks for your reply. I too have tried acupuncture and was thrilled when the migraines got less intense and less frequent however this last couple of weeks have been more or less back to normal. Not quite as intense but just as frequent. I will give the homeopathic a go. I too have come off the daily drug because of the side affects and I'm trying to control it by using ice packs at night and the odd immigran when I allow myself but was told not to take more than 2 a week? Ive also given in against doctors orders and have started taking 75mg aspirin a day to see if that helps.


As you clearly have Hughes Syndrome, Aspirin is a step in the right direction, however on anticoaguation patients often greatly reduce their migraines, I hope you get the help you need at Liverpool Hospital soon. MaryF

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I tried herbal remedies, homeopathy etc. nothing worked. There are several different types of migraine. Do a little more research as to the causes. I wish you well.


Hi, I tried acupuncture for only a few sessions and I guess I should have tried more. I have had cranial osteopathy for the past year but have just given that up as I don't think it made a huge difference.


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